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Can't embed the Gamespot video, but here is a link.

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# 1 jb12780 @ 06/16/10 07:11 PM
Mixed feeling about this. I dont like the movement which I've stated before. There is a black and white rocked moment, just like 2010, which I dont like. Striking doesnt look good either. And when Fedor was out, a ref never stepped in.

The ground game looked phenomenal. Having Pride rules in this game will be cool (soccer kicks!). When Randy beat Fedor, Ranallo went beserk, which was very cool to hear.

Need to see more.
# 2 TheShizNo1 @ 06/16/10 07:32 PM
Something about the punches. They look like their isn't any weight behind them. Ground game looked great though.
# 3 DavonBrown @ 06/16/10 07:37 PM
I'm liking it. They just need to tone down the movement a bit. Fighters are just sliding everywhere instead of walking.
# 4 jb12780 @ 06/16/10 07:42 PM
Originally Posted by MC Fatigue
I noticed a "Head" bar pop up over the Stamina bar a few times when there was a big hit (mostly when Fedor got hit big time). I wonder if getting hit more when it comes up leads to being stunned or knocked out or what. I wonder if they have a "chin" rating that determines how big that bar is or not.
I hope I can turn all that off. More realism.
# 5 Nines @ 06/16/10 09:28 PM
I hope the control scheme is easy to grasp, but deep enough to be satisfying. I can't stand Undisputed's unnecessarily convoluted take on the genre.
# 6 DaveDQ @ 06/16/10 09:53 PM
I like the commentary but there are pieces missing. The guy is going nuts, "There's a new champion..." but the crowd seems dull and the flow of the results don't match the intensity of the commentary.

I'm also noticing that fighters move much like FN4. There just doesn't seem to be bounce and flex in leg movements. Overall though I'm excited for it.

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