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Pastapadre has just posted most of the team ratings for NCAA Football 11. He has already mentioned that he missed a few, I'm guessing someone at E3 can fill those in.

School Overall Offense Defense
Army D+, C, C+
Auburn B, B+, B+
Ball State D, D+, D
Baylor B-, B, C+
Boise State A-, A+, B+
Boston College B, B+, B+
Bowling Green D+, C-, D+
Buffalo D+, C-, C-
California B, B+, B+
Central Michigan C+, C, C+
Cincinnati B, A-, B-
Clemson B+, B+, B+
Colorado B-, B-, B-
Colorado State C+, B-, C+
Connecticut C+, B-, C+
Duke C+, B-, C+
ECU C+, B-, C
Eastern Michigan D, D, D
Florida A-, A-, A-
Florida Atlantic D, C-, D
FIU D, D+, D+
Florida State B+, A-, B
Fresno State C+, B-, C
Georgia B+, A-, B+
Georgia Tech B+, B+, B+
Hawaii C, C+, C
Houston B-, B+, C
Idaho C-, C, C-
Illinois C+, C+, C+
Indiana B-, B, C+
Iowa B+, A-, B+
Iowa State B-, B, B-
Kansas B-, B-, B-
Kansas State B-, B-, B-
Kent State D, C-, D+
Kentucky B-, B, B-
Louisiana Tech C-, C, D+
Louisville C+, B-, C+
LSU A-, A-, A-
Marshall C+, B-, C+
Maryland B-, B, B-
Memphis C, C+, C
Miami A-, A, B+
Miami (OH) D, D+, C-
Michigan B, B+, B
Michigan State B, B+, B
Mid Tenn State C, C+, C+
Minnesota B, B, B
Mississippi State B, B-, B+
Missouri B, B+, B-
Navy C+, B, C+
NC State B-, B, C+
Nebraska B+, A-, B+
Nevada C+, B, C
New Mexico D+, D+, C
New Mexico State D, D+, D
North Carolina A-, B, A
North Texas C-, C, C-
Notre Dame B, B+, B
Northwestern B-, B-, B
Northern Illinois C, C, C
Ohio C-, C, C-
Ohio State A, A+, A
Oklahoma A, A, A-
Oklahoma State B+, A-, B+
Ole Miss B, B+, B+
Oregon State B+, A-, B+
Oregon B+, A-, B+
Penn State A-, A, B+
Pittsburgh B+, A-, B+
Purdue B-, B, B-
Rice D, C-, D+
Rutgers B, B+, B
San Diego State C, C+, C
San Jose State D, D, D+
SMU C+, C+, C+
South Carolina B, B, B
Southern Miss C+, B-, C+
Stanford B+, A-, B+
Syracuse C+, B-, C+
TCU B+, A, B+
Temple C, C+, C
Tennessee B, B, B+
Texas A-, A, A-
Texas A&M B+, A-, B
Texas Tech B, A-, B-
Toledo C-, C, C-
Troy C, B-, C
Tulane D+, C-, C-
Tulsa C+, B-, C
UAB C+, C+, C+
UCF B-, B-, B
UCLA B-, B, B-
UL Lafayette C-, C, C-
UL Monroe D, C-, D
UNLV C-, C, C-
USC A-, A, B+
USF C+, B-, C+
Utah B, B+, B
Utah State D+, C-, D+
UTEP C, B-, C-
Vanderbilt B-, B, B-
Virginia B-, C+, B
Virginia Tech B+, A, B+
Wake Forest B-, B, B
Washington B+, A-, B+
Washington State C+, B-, C+
West Virginia B+, A-, B+
Western Kentucky D, D, D
Western Michigan C-, C, C-
Wisconsin A-, A, B+

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Member Comments
# 1 SaltyBlackWorm @ 06/16/10 10:24 PM
wheres alabama?
# 2 Nixyn @ 06/16/10 10:26 PM
and arkansas...

Now i just want to see a top 25 list.
# 3 ElroyJetson @ 06/16/10 10:26 PM
Originally Posted by SaltyBlackWorm
wheres alabama?
thats what I was wondering
# 4 Vikefan24 @ 06/16/10 10:26 PM
Iowa's defense is a B+ but the offense is A-.. WTF
# 5 Brandwin @ 06/16/10 10:27 PM
Baylor's is pretty much what I thought.
# 6 cowboykmoney @ 06/16/10 10:27 PM
Where is Arkansas St on that list?
# 7 The Kid 24 @ 06/16/10 10:28 PM
Wow my Badgers a A-!!! I can't wait to bring the Heisman home to Johnny Clay and having Tolzien lighting up D's with those Badger receivers
# 8 jhill396 @ 06/16/10 10:30 PM
how is wisconsin better than nebraska. Wisconsin is an A-?? Little high i think
# 9 knighthawksfan @ 06/16/10 10:30 PM
Why does iowa have an A- offense we are not that explosive on offense. Our Defense should be an A-
# 10 moylan1234 @ 06/16/10 10:30 PM
yup most of the A's are missing
# 11 Steve_OS @ 06/16/10 10:32 PM
He will most likely update the list. I know how hard it is to do this, LOL. I've done it for many years and I always miss 1 or 2.
# 12 NDIrish98 @ 06/16/10 10:35 PM
as an Indiana native, i'm a little surprised to see IU so close to ND in the ratings. hmmm...
# 13 thendfanzach @ 06/16/10 10:35 PM
Originally Posted by jhill396
how is wisconsin better than nebraska. Wisconsin is an A-?? Little high i think
You watched them against Miami in their bowl right?
From that game on, I have been predicting them as a darkhorse team this year.
# 14 sniperhare @ 06/16/10 10:36 PM
Sweet, UCF is better than USF.
# 15 TheGamingChef @ 06/16/10 10:41 PM
Iowa State also getting a deserved rating.
# 16 TracerBullet @ 06/16/10 10:41 PM
Yes finally Navy isn't terrible to start after all these yeears of being no better than a C-. Washington State should be nowhere near a C+ though.
# 17 Nature_Boy @ 06/16/10 10:44 PM
@NatureBoy2323 Nope, thought I had all the teams but looks like I missed a few. From Pastapadre's twitter.
# 18 Steve_OS @ 06/16/10 10:44 PM
Pasta tweeted that he missed a few. I'm sure someone at E3 can fill us in on the ones that are missing.
# 19 cecondlife @ 06/16/10 10:46 PM
Originally Posted by thendfanzach
You watched them against Miami in their bowl right?
From that game on, I have been predicting them as a darkhorse team this year.

Did you see the field conditions in that game. If it was any different that game would not have been close. Wis is alittle too high mabey B+

These rating are base off of the rosters in TeamBuilder and we all know they are crap. Rutgers is missing just about everyone lol. Ratings and Players are pretty bad.
# 20 UATide @ 06/16/10 10:47 PM
Where is Alabama...?????

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