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Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

This game is being developed by the Burnout folks (Criterion), and so that fact right there should excite plenty of people. Obviously, this is also a series that is going back to its "roots" by going with the Hot Pursuit angle.

In the demo, it was just one user as a cop against another user who was a runner. Basically, you are both in very expensive and stylish cars that you beat to crap as you go cops and robbers all over a scenic area.

All in all I was impressed with the title, and really, it's hard to hate the concept. I think most people like the idea of a police chase -- you can't turn off a police chase if you see it on TV -- and in this game it will not just be one chaser versus one police car. In addition, there will be a lot of the same integration and seamless online play that made Burnout Paradise great, and I can only assume there will be plenty of DLC as well, which was another great aspect of Burnout Paradise.

Lucha Libre AAA 2010: Heroes del Ring

I'm a big fan of wrestling and wrestling games, but I am not crazy about Lucha Libre at this point. I say that because the controls felt a little stiff, there seemed to be a lack of moves, and the wrestlers looked a little robotic when moving around the ring. For those who played TNA Impact, Lucha Libre seems to be falling into a lot of those same traps.

Presumably this game is not being targeted solely at the core wrestling crowd, but if it is, it might have a tough time breaking through unless it has some sort of impressive career mode or takes some steps forward in the gameplay arena. At the very least, the wrestler models looked solid, and I always like to see a development studio going a different route within an existing genre.

Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip (PSP)

This game gets a thumbs up from me because it seems to be carrying over most of the elements that make the Hot Shots Golf games consistently enjoyable titles: There are a bunch of characters with different strengths and weaknesses, there are a bunch of unlockables, the major single-player mode is just different enough to keep me interested, and there is loyalty and leveling up that goes on as well.

For the uninitiated in the Hot Shots world, if you play with certain characters for longer periods of time, the loyalty of that character goes up and you get bonuses. In this game, that means something like unlocking a new type of shot or improved attributes.

I did not get much time to mess around with the single-player mode, but as far as I can tell, it looks like a Pokemon setup. You will go to these open areas, and once you are there, you will walk around and challenge lower-tier tennis players to matches. After you beat those lower-class citizens, the "boss" of the area will finally accept your challenge to a match.

As for the gameplay, there are the standard shot types (top spin, lob, drop, slice), but you do not load up your shots like you might in Top Spinor Virtua Tennis. Instead, you just time the button presses to hit the ball at the right moment (you know you are timing a shot right if you see the little music symbol). In addition to the button timing, you control a red dot on the screen via the D-pad or analog nub. This red dot tells you where your shots are going to go, so you always have a visual idea of where you are aiming.

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# 1 Shawnj86 @ 06/17/10 10:25 AM
I might check this game out
# 2 SouthernBrick @ 06/17/10 12:42 PM
Can't wait for Hot Pursuit. This will be the first NFS game in series that I will have high hopes for in very long time. Also the I loved the burnout(the first one). I never played the other burnout games of the series but, I'm sure I would have liked them.

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