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# 1 Stumbleweed @ 06/18/10 03:06 PM
The sliding looks so bad, but hopefully they can get that tuned up before release. Even if they don't though, it looks pretty solid.

In other news, was there no blocking implemented or something? Seemed like the first video was nothing but landed strikes unless they were out of range. I hope there's bobbing and weaving in the final -- any news on that?
# 2 kennyacid @ 06/18/10 03:06 PM
damn i know...at first i didnt want to hear nothing about this game...but my oh my its looking mighty good. The moves look so natural looking. Sure some strikes look like there isnt any weight behind them but over all the game looks nice.
# 3 allBthere @ 06/18/10 04:00 PM
it's all good but most of the striking and moving.

punches look like someone demonstrating an awkward punch more than trying to hurt someone in front of them.

part of this is that the punches don't accellerate and sometimes appear to be at their slowest as it lands. They could remove some frames to make the opposite happen. there is no snap either. This problem was inherited from fight night.

they really did study ufc though, in many respects it looks very similar with camera's and replay's, end of round etc..
# 4 DavonBrown @ 06/18/10 04:20 PM
Swaying is in. Bobby Lashley's model looks like it belongs in WWE All-Stars. Steve post the 2nd round of the Fedor fight please. It was interesting.
# 5 Greene_Flash03 @ 06/18/10 04:30 PM
Also keep in mind, both Lashley and Fedor are really tired in that round (check the stamina). So, the punches don't have weight on it. Watch MMA, when fighters are gassed, their punches don't really have weight on them..

Watch the 2nd video, but guys are fresh and their punches and kicks seems to have weight on them.

I might pick this up...Controls are much simpler than UFC, yet you can pull some awesome moves/counters/ etc. with a push of a button...
# 6 Bumble14 @ 06/18/10 07:39 PM
I want to like this game but I just can't get into it. There is absolutely no sense of weight in player movement and it plays almost in an arcade like fashion compared to Ufc. Looks to be a fun pick up and play game but looks like it will get old quick. If they slowed the game down and the characters carried more weight I think I'd be more excited.
# 7 Saijahn @ 06/19/10 08:25 AM
punches look awful
# 8 Pistolero @ 06/19/10 10:09 AM
Not to to bad!! I kinda like it need to try it myself then I can fully rate it. Im getting bored of UFC10 so might sell that and try this one.
# 9 Luck911 @ 06/19/10 11:37 AM
My thoughts

-2:32 Lashley rocks Fedor,Then drops into full mount.No stupid stand over animation,Then person recovers and pushes you out of dominate position,When a fighter get dropped in real mma most the other fighter will jump into side control or full mount and finish the fight.Good job EA

- I am curious to how you stop takedowns,every video so far it look a little to easy takedown a person.

- Where are the one shot KO's,People complain they are to much KO in UU 2010 but one shot KO are part of MMA,Yes UU needs tune down their KO but EA MMA looks like need to up theirs a little bit.TKO look to be the most common way to finish(which happens in real life) so i am not to upset.
# 10 AntRWill @ 06/19/10 05:40 PM
From what I've read they will the game will use face buttons to attempt and block takedowns/ transitions. With the AI choosing the best move given the situation.
# 11 Luck911 @ 06/19/10 07:24 PM
Oh yeah the Lashley body model is ridiculous
# 12 qb2k5 @ 06/20/10 07:16 AM
I hope they fix the sliding and hit detection. If you freeze at .37 on the first video where fedor knocks down that guy, his uppercut doesnt even touch his chin but bare air. It looked more like a phantom punch. Also that uppercut didnt look like it had the power to take that dude down.

In the first video near the middle when fedor is punching for the body it looks like his arms are to long. Also in the 1st video as fedor and the other guy is gassed out, they shouldnt be able to throw as many wild hay makers like that. Just like in real like mma and in UFC 2009 if your player is gassed he moves slower, puts his hands by his hips, and if you try to throw a super punch or super kick, your extremely vulnerable to a flash ko. In this game it doesnt seem to be the case.

I do give them the credit that this game looks less robotic and more organic than UFC 2009/2010 as in the smoothness in animation transitions minus the sliding. It seems
that they have twice the frames per motion vs whats on undisputed.
# 13 eeyor @ 06/20/10 08:30 AM
One thing we have to keep in mind when looking at these videos is that it mostly contains people playing the game for the first time. People are in a learning situation and don't inherented the mechanics of the game. Striking could be one of the easier to adopt parts as it has identical traits than fightnight, but the ground game is somethin people have never experienced in that way.

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