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# 1 Nev @ 06/18/10 02:58 PM
"Denver awaits the kickoff the start the 3rd quarter"....

I hope thats from the next TV over... lol
# 2 Franchise-Star-21 @ 06/18/10 11:37 PM
Best thing about that vid is the Happy Holidays on the score bar.
# 3 Aggies7 @ 06/19/10 12:17 AM
Originally Posted by Nev
"Denver awaits the kickoff the start the 3rd quarter"....

I hope thats from the next TV over... lol
Heard that as well I am sure it was from the next TV.
# 4 ThaShark28_316 @ 06/19/10 12:27 AM
Originally Posted by DONF
Just seems all that is new in Madden 11 is some of the presentation/cut screen scenes (which will get stale by your 5th game played). Other than that the game seems to play exactly the same. The tackle animations are stale and the running animation is broken. The strides just don't equal up to the speed they are running.

Before I am toooo old to play video games or just simply have no interest, I pray one day we will see the Back Breaker physic/engine implemented in a NFL Lic. game. BB is the most realistic physic/animation/tackling/ running/ whatever you want to call it game ever made. It is just the camera angle is terrible (IMO). Oh well!
Too old to play video games? Huh? What does that even mean?
# 5 RobertBrazil @ 06/19/10 02:07 AM
wish I didn't see the second video. very first play 2 OL stare right at the DT sacking vince. oo yeah you fixed run block, unfortunately pass blocking is as terrible as ever. I'll still be buying the game only on the fact that it has NFL players and nothing more.
# 6 TheWatcher @ 06/19/10 08:43 AM
I really like the replay system.

But, that mid-air chest bump scene has got to go. It's not that it doesn't happen in real life, it's just not done well in Madden. Players never leave camera shot like that. It looks so sloppy. I just don't know where they get this stuff from.
# 7 myownsun @ 06/19/10 09:12 AM
Great vids.... madden is looking really good this year.

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