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# 1 Shawnj86 @ 06/19/10 10:09 AM
looks cool
# 2 cowboykmoney @ 06/19/10 10:35 AM
I cant wait for August 10th this game is owned.
# 3 Senator Palmer @ 06/19/10 10:53 AM
Saints vs. Giants Vid: It was a thing of beauty to see those ends rushing up the field in the first play of that game to pressure Eli. It was just confirmed in another thread that there's a mechanic allowing you to tell your DL to get upfield on passing downs.

The only downside I'm seeing, and I may be jumping the gun, but the defensive playbooks look largely unchanged from the vids I've seen.
# 4 packabacka19 @ 06/19/10 10:57 AM

Clay Matthews III still has that short, brown haircut with ridiculous sideburns. How hard is it to give him his real hair??? They've done that for lesser players!
# 5 Senator Palmer @ 06/19/10 11:02 AM
Let me hold off on that defensive playbook assumption. In the Bears/Broncos vid I saw some new coverages and blitzes in the 3-3-5. Wolf Slat, Loop Crash, Prowl, Cover 3 Invert where a safety blitzes, etc.

My cautious optimism is returning.
# 6 Shinyhubcaps @ 06/19/10 09:04 PM
1998 called. They want their kicking mechanic back.

Seriously though, the analog stick works. Why the "Press A to stop the bar in the green area" thing again?
# 7 Outkizast @ 06/20/10 03:17 AM
LOVE the incomplete pass by ELI at the 0:46 mark of the Saints/Giants vid. He was getting a bit pressured and the pass was just a bit off.. LOVE to see that... Also great to see the rushing ends...
# 8 Palo20 @ 06/20/10 03:33 AM
Originally Posted by wheelman990
In the Packers/Vikings video above, anyone else think the grass looks like it has a billion weeds in it? I mean grass is green, is not patchy and black.

Even when grass gets turfed up by cleats towards end of games it doesnt even look close to the patchy grass madden has.

This has bugged me forever with Madden and its way over detailed grass. I wish they could copy BB's grass, they did a great job and making grass look like grass.
They're playing in the dome on turf.
# 9 Palo20 @ 06/20/10 03:37 AM
In the Packers/Vikings video, James Jones really goes up and gets the ball--nice to see the WRs having a chance.

I think it's going to bring some really good risk/reward situations for Safeties and CBs. Probably can't always go for the ball if they're out of position so there may be times to sit back and make the sure tackle. On the Jones play, the FS gets beat for the ball and then is out of position leading to an 83 yard TD.

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