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# 1 judgejudy @ 06/19/10 10:35 AM
I don't know about that whole rocking back and forth during chokes, it looks really weird to me.
# 2 JoeMimic @ 06/19/10 11:18 AM
Controls look like they're pretty simple as far as submissions, I still think there is a better way to do submissions. To me if the game is tuned right and the ratings play that much of a role in the game it should be as simple as pressing whatever button to initiate the submission and based on ratings, stamina, and position everything should be automatic. No button mashing no shine, he either defends it or he doesn't. There should be some sort of randomness to it but I mean if someone with BJJ the level of a Jacare or Damian Maia mount you or take your back in the first round unless you've got great submission defense you're most likely getting submitted.
# 3 nyj721 @ 06/19/10 11:23 AM
I don't like how the guy on the defensive side of the takedown always leaves his feet, even if he sprawl. It's like every takedown is a slam.
# 4 Luck911 @ 06/19/10 12:03 PM
My opinion subs in mma games should be to two part process

1. An Initiation process where person attempts to lock in subs which could be those mini game that EA has.The higher person sub rating or sub defense rating would make the easier or harder process. The Tyson Griffin versus Evan Dunham fight is perfect example,Dunham got Griffin back but was never able to lock in the sub.

2.Then the actual submission where you have to use shine or button tapping to get out.

You should never be able to instantly put on a sub,It is the reason that omaplata became "a cheat" in UU 2010 the fact you could lock in that sub anytime you wanted mean you escape off your back anytime.
# 5 BUCTD3 @ 06/19/10 12:15 PM
I have three major problems with what this video entails for the game. First is that when a fighter is in a dominant position and go for a submission they should not get put in a defensive position if they do not get the submission. That is not MMA. If I am in mount and miss a kimura or key lock I shouldn't lose the position. The second thing is I understand the use the back and forth on the choke for visual confirmation of the success you are having at finishing off the choke. However the more realistic way to show this would be the tightening of the choke and not the back and forth. The third thing is that in this video you have Frank Shamrock tapping the best BJJ guy in MMA. I know that this is not a MMA website and is a video game site but I thought that the objective was to make a realistic game. Frank Shamrock is a good submission fighter but Jacacre Souza is the best BJJ guy on the planet and is not getting tapped by anyone especially Frank Shamrock.
# 6 Gotmadskillzson @ 06/19/10 09:55 PM
they need to fix the walking on the mat physics, I swear it looks like they fighting on a hockey rink because they are sliding all over the place and get to one side of the ring to the other side WAY too fast.

I like how there is submission struggling though and how you can do a darce choke without having the guy rocked. In UFC 2010 all the advanced subs can only be done if the guy is rocked, which is dumb.

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