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IGN has posted their hands-on preview of Pro Evolution Soccer 2011.

"Passes are now informed by power meters that appear under the player in possession, a graphic that's stylish, unobtrusive and absolutely central to pulling off decent balls to team-mates. It's now all manual, requiring something of a rewiring for a mind schooled in nearly ten years of Pro Evolution Soccer's old ping-pong system; players must calculate whether they pass to their teammate's left or right foot, or apply more power to send it forward into space. There's still a through-ball button, but everything it's capable of can now be achieved with a well thought-out pass, and when it sticks the game is much more satisfying for it.

There are similarities of course to what EA Sports is trying to achieve with FIFA 11's Pro Passing feature (and it's amusing to see after last year's introduction of 360 degree passing in both games that again their biggest feature is shared either indicating an eerie mind-link between the two or suggesting that there's a spy in the midst), but Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 takes it two steps further and pins its entire game on it.

The results are difficult to come to terms with at first, and our hands-on has us floundering around the pitch, misplacing passes and struggling to get the team working as a whole (which puts to mind the performance of a certain national team struggling on the world stage right now). With the added mental processing power required to make moves stick it's undoubtedly a slower game than before, though that in itself can be remedied by a new option to alter the game's tempo."

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# 1 ty5oke @ 06/22/10 09:18 PM
90% all new animations is still amazing to me. I can't wait for more info.

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