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Our friends over at NLSC have posted their NBA Elite 11.

"There was no dribble animation for pressing down on the right stick, but we brainstormed and came up with a head fake. There was also no way to perform an in-and-out dribble at the time, so we all came up with ideas for what action on the right stick would be feasible. I believe we agreed on a diagonal-down on the ball-hand side. The best thing about the new control system is that there was no feasible delay in moving your player around or performing dribble moves, unlike the last three versions of NBA Live.

Another innovation is the new control for gathers. If you are not sure what those are, they are what happens when a player picks up his dribble while moving, which usually results in a two step or pro hop animation going into a layup or fading jump-shot. Holding down the gather button will start a two step animation in the direction you are moving. During the gather animation you can choose to change the direction of your second step and do a Euro-step by pressing the left stick in the direction you want to go. You can gather in any direction, even away from the basket if you really want to. You can perform a pro hop in any direction by tapping the gather button in conjunction with the left stick. During a gather, you can execute a layup by curling the right stick in a quarter circle from left or right to up. Curling from right to up executes a right handed layup and from left to up executes a left hand layup. To attempt a dunk you need to have the left analog pointed towards the basket, and press up on the right stick. If you don't choose to shoot a layup or dunk, the player will automatically go into a running or fading jump-shot. Performing a running or fading jump-shot in close proximity to the basket looked very funny to us and we said that a layup should automatically be performed when gathering toward the basket. I hope that makes it into the game when it is released."

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# 1 dirtypuppet @ 06/23/10 07:39 AM
Great read. Best info yet.

Very good article that highlights the good and bad in the build played. Hopefully the defensive animation issues and other negatives highlighted can be fixed during this development cycle because directionally this seems like some very good implementation by EA.
# 2 Gmoney2002 @ 06/23/10 07:53 AM
Very good read. I'm curious though as to how the layup controls will actually feel for me. Any shot close to the
Basket should automatically be a layup or a flip shot against ther backboard or straight through and NOT a fadeaway. The "other" games iterations in the past had this same problem. I'm assuming it'll be fixed before it goes gold though. Hopefully...
# 3 TreyIM2 @ 06/23/10 11:35 AM
That was a great breakdown. Best part was hearing about the gather button. Shades of Live 05 Dunk Contest? Nice move. EA is definitely going in the right direction with the control scheme and hopefully the trouble spots for the writer will be fixed. Also good to hear about the color saturation being fixed, as well. I want more!
# 4 mrclutch @ 06/23/10 12:13 PM
Good read. Hope the defense gets sme more love. Still not a fan of the shot stick. I was hoping to hear of some more real improvments besides changing the shooting.

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