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We now have access to two individuals who are working hard at putting EA's NBA series back to where it was. I'd like to give a warm welcome to rEAnimator and stepsix.

They will be here answering questions and sharing ideas to get a better grasp on what the community expects, as well as clear up some misconceptions on the actual game.

I'd ask you guys show them the respect, that should go without saying here.

They will follow up with their introductions now.

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# 1 rEAnimator @ 06/23/10 12:25 PM
Hey guys,

My name is Geoff and I'm a Senior Software Engineer at EA, and Iím really looking forward to discussing the game with everyone here. Thereís still a ways to go for us, but this yearís game is already shaping up to be something special. Any feedback we can get from the community will be extremely valuable and will help shape the final product.

Iíve been at EA for 9 years, but this is the first time Iíve worked on NBA. As a basketball fan and player this is a dream come true for me, especially in a year where we are making such significant and ground breaking changes. Iím a gameplay programmer who specializes in animation. As such, I spend most of my time working on the gameplay mechanics and controls. Iíve also been working on the ďreal-time physicsĒ youíve been hearing about.

This is the busiest time of year for us so we may not get a chance to answer every post (in fact I'm certain we won't) so I apologize in advance for that.

Also, I want everyone to know that we have no problem with criticism of the game at all (in fact we welcome it). All we ask is that everyone keeps things constructive and respectful.

Thanks and I'll see you in the forums.
# 2 stepsix @ 06/23/10 01:01 PM
Glad to be part of the community!

My name's Fraser, I've been on the Live/Elite team for 6 years and at EA for 9. I'm currently on the gameplay team and I specialize in AI. I started at EA in QA, and worked on MVP before coming to the Live team to do Front End work. When I moved to the gameplay team for Live '08 I focused on AI (strategic decision making, plays, court spacing etc), and with the help of some talented guys on the team have been building the AI over the last 4 years.

I've been reading this board for years now and EA's now granted Geoff & myself the ability to post and answer questions. I know you guys have had some frustrations with the AI over the years, and every year at the beginning of the year I'm going through posts on OS looking for ways to address some of the issues you guys have been reporting.

Mike & Marcus did a great job last year of keeping the community in the loop, and I'd like to continue that tradition with Elite going forward. Being super busy might mean that some things get missed, but I would like to hear your thoughts and opinions on what you liked and disliked about the AI in 10. There's some really cool stuff going in this year that I can talk more about as it gets revealed, but in the meantime there's lots of discussion to be had.
# 3 dexvex @ 06/23/10 01:15 PM
welcome guys.
I'd love for you guys to talk indepth about the physics system when you get the chance as that what intrigues me the most........
# 4 Altimus @ 06/23/10 01:22 PM
Welcome guys. Looking forward to your discussions!
# 5 taxinem @ 06/23/10 01:27 PM
Hello fellas!!! im really lookin forward to ur insight
# 6 Ermolli @ 06/23/10 02:04 PM
Welcome guy. It's always nice to have EA guys to discuss about the game
# 7 econoodle @ 06/23/10 02:21 PM
hi guys
thanks for coming out to play!
hope this place doesnt send you running for the hills like they did with the madden team!
thick skin needed!

tho, i think the madden hardcore faithful are a bit more demading.
heres to hoping Elite is live this year.

p.s., i am a presentation monkey, so can't wait to hear whats in store there.
# 8 RayAllen20 @ 06/23/10 02:51 PM
Thanks guys for the community interaction...we really appreciate it.
# 9 Mbalmer @ 06/23/10 02:57 PM
Welcome! It will be nice to get some questions answered as more information is released.
# 10 Beluba @ 06/23/10 03:59 PM
Welcome to the OS pain train, Geoff/Fraser. Now get back to work.
# 11 ESB32CrowBonez @ 06/23/10 04:15 PM
Welcome to OS nba elite forums guys, my question is will there be chasedown block animations or we manually do chasedown blocks.
# 12 bigball12 @ 06/23/10 04:17 PM
Hi guys. I hope the level of interaction will be as good as it was the past few years with Stephensonmc.
# 13 str8artist @ 06/23/10 04:22 PM
Welcome to the OS team. Hope your skin is thick.....Enjoy fellas
# 14 Jano @ 06/23/10 04:48 PM
Welcome to OS guys, hope you guys can enjoy your time here.
# 15 DaWolf @ 06/23/10 05:00 PM
Welcome guys, for me the AI in Live always was the strongest part of the series over the last couple of years. Court spacing and realistic defensive behavior are already excellent in my opinion. Dont you loose that
# 16 Wiffyjustus @ 06/23/10 05:28 PM
Welcome, looking forward to the interaction.
# 17 turftickler @ 06/23/10 05:31 PM
Welcome, Geoff and Fraser.

I have one big question. Will NBA Elite 11 be in 3D just like NBA 2k11 this year?
# 18 myownsun @ 06/23/10 05:33 PM
Welcome! Brothers
# 19 jordankobewade7 @ 06/23/10 05:46 PM
As far as AI goes,all I can think of to ask for is to fine tune the coaching options so that when you focus in on something your players do exactly that with respect to the level of dicipline your team has. So basically I'm saying that teams like the lakers and celtics should be running their sets to perfection,on both offense and defense. And if I wanted to switch it up then I should be able to without anything being lost in translation. Like if I were using either of those teams,the lakers or the celtics,and was playing against the suns,and I wanted to focus my defensive scheme on guarding the 3pt line,I shouldn't see players saging inside or my defense as a whole sucking in...they should be closing out hard,fighting through/over picks,etc. Without any hiccups.

There's been problems with this in the past,where all you want is to focus on rebounding and your players are doing everything else but that. Players should be rewarded for properly identifying weakpoints and adjusting their gameplan accordingly. Basketball is at times a game of strategy and I feel that true sim bball games should at least begin to incorporate that in some form,and have it actually affect the games outcome.
# 20 Earl1963 @ 06/23/10 05:52 PM
Thanks for giving us your time.

"Real Time Physics" Does the ball/rim/hoop/net/backboard have this? Or at least make it as good as it is in the other NBA game that you're trying to catch up with.

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