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ESPN Videogames have posted their first look at NBA Elite 11.

"I mentioned earlier the two biggest problems people have with basketball games, and the second one is defense. The defense is never as powerful as the offense in these game. But now I can even chase the dribbler down and do a LeBron-like block of his dunk or layup from behind. There's a lot of gameplay going on here on both sides of the ball and you're controlling everything as it plays out with the sticks. This is basketball like you've never played before."

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# 1 eye guy @ 06/24/10 03:34 PM
Nice read. Thanks...
# 2 2kjunkie @ 06/24/10 03:34 PM
Sounds good
# 3 Big_Mig_11 @ 06/24/10 03:52 PM
Thanks!!! I am very anxious to get my hands on the demo before I make a decision. I passed on a Bball game last year because I felt I lacked control in both '09 versions. Something as innovating as this is just what may sway me back into Live. Or Elite....

Good job EA
# 4 DubTrey1 @ 06/24/10 05:23 PM
I am also very excited to get a play thru on the demo. The hype train is gearing up to full steam on this one and I am starting think that it is much deserved. Reading about the changes, seeing them in action albeit early builds and all of the other info buzzing around is really making this game appear special. So far so good IMO - Now, I just wonder what 2K has in store that could deflate all of this pre-hype? It had better be huge IMO, cuz it looks like EA may have gotten back on the right track this year....
# 5 ParisB @ 06/24/10 08:48 PM
Originally Posted by Germaino Insano
im still not on this hype train yet

thanks for letting us know...keep us posted though
# 6 BaselineBakes @ 06/24/10 08:59 PM
"We think once gamers get their hands on these new controls," adds Littman, "they're never going to want to go back to playing the same old games."
This guy is disrespectful. lol
# 7 myownsun @ 06/24/10 09:31 PM
Great find off to read
# 8 TreyIM2 @ 06/25/10 09:49 AM
There are plenty enough hands-on previews of the controls - ON TO THE NEXT ONE! Ha. I'm ready for the next new thing EA will talk about for Elite 11.
# 9 ctindal21 @ 06/25/10 04:12 PM
im getting kind of excited but its been a wait and see affair for me ever since NBA live hit next-gen so thats exactly what i'll do again this year
# 10 Thielkesp18 @ 06/28/10 03:43 PM
This game has come a long way from the live franchise, good to see that there coming around. Im a 2K Fan but I like the promise that his game shows, especially since they are going to be putting the 5 on 5 online in there, EA has great multiplayer and 2K better step up in that department BIG TIME

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