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Two games that I did not write about during E3 -- mostly because of time constraints -- were Mario Sports Mix and John Daly's ProStroke Golf. However, now that I am back from the show and in the swing of things again, it's time to write up some quick impressions for these two sports games.

John Daly's ProStroke Golf

This demo served as my first experience with Sony's new motion controller, otherwise known as the PlayStation Move. In this demo, I was able to take a few shots on the driving range before playing through one hole.

Before you take your swings, you line up a shot like you would in any other Tiger Woods game. After you pick out where you want to hit the ball, you press a button on the Move controller while aiming the controller at a set spot on the ground -- in this case there was a golf ball on the ground at the demo station, so I aimed the controller at that object. At this point, you also go into a first-person view.

After the controller calibrates, you can then take some practice swings and readjust where you are aiming. Following that step, you press another button, and then the Move controller changes colors to signify that your next swing will be for keeps.

OK, so those are the mechanics, but how did it all play out? I felt like the Move controller and game held up well. The game was able to recognize the twists in my wrists, and it also reacted correctly to my swing power. However, the demo appeared to be set to a very easy level so the challenge of the game was hard to gauge.

There were also a few calibration issues during my time with the game, but at this point I'm chalking that up to unfinished hardware and a game that was still early in development. All in the all, the first-person view and controller brought a lot to the experience, and I think this title is shaping up nicely at this point.

Mario Sports Mix

I have an affection for most Mario sports games, and I make no excuses for it. In other words, it should come as no surprise that I was a big fan of Mario Sports Mix after playing it at E3. I also dragged my OS cohorts to the demo so we could play some two-on-two hoops and two-on-two volleyball.

Out of the two available games (dodgeball and hockey are being included in the full game), I enjoyed volleyball a bit more, but only because I had played a similar version of Mario hoops via Mario Hoops 3-on-3. The controls in both games were very simple and similar. You took a shot with the Wii remote by flicking up and then out at the apex of the jumpshot. Similarly, you would flick the Wii remote up and then out to serve in volleyball.

In both volleyball and basketball, there were power-ups that could be collected and used, as well as a special meter that filled up as you played. When you unleashed your special, you usually ended up scoring/winning the point, but I also successfully thwarted the special moves more than once.

Being a Nintendo game, there were also various Nintendo characters to choose from, and each character has his own attributes and specials. In volleyball, for example, Wario was very good at using his bulbous arse to block attempted spikes by his adversaries.

This title does not feel as deep as some other Mario sports games -- falling more towards a party game -- but the game still impressed me, and I look forward to watching how it develops in the coming months.

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# 1 JkA3 @ 06/24/10 06:10 PM
i'm 29 and still love mario games. mostly now because i have young children who i can enjoy the games with.
# 2 MrNFL_FanIQ @ 06/24/10 07:03 PM
I'm not going to buy a Wii, but I loved the classic N64 Mario Golf and Tennis, so more Mario sports games are good.
# 3 pittsburgher86 @ 06/25/10 10:33 AM
Mario Sports Mix sounds stupid
# 4 OnlookerDelay @ 06/25/10 04:25 PM
Chase, when you speak of the "first-person view" in John Daly's Prostroke Golf, I take it you are referring to the 'look down at the clubhead' once you've "gripped" the club? I'd like to know if there's an option to hold the first-person viewpoint longer, ala Tiger Woods 11's "True View" on the Wii, in this game? The videos I've seen of JDPSG have shown something resembling Tiger Woods 11's "Presentation" camera on the 360 and PS3.

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