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# 1 marc68 @ 06/27/10 09:21 PM
This actually looks decent.
# 2 seriousluboy83 @ 06/27/10 09:38 PM
Donny...c'mon dude you should know this your suppose to be a bucs fan

Geno Hayes and Quincy Black need to switch side

Sammie Stroughter needs to switch to Stovall's overall rating and Stovall's to Stroughter's

Mike Williams needs to switch to Reggie Brown's overall rating and Reggie Brown's to Williams
# 3 PantherBeast_OS @ 06/27/10 09:50 PM
Good video. But not enough throwing down field tho. But good video anyway. Thanks steveo and espically Mad for the videos he has given us to enjoy.
# 4 cowboykmoney @ 06/27/10 10:13 PM
I'm liking these vids.
# 5 burnwood @ 06/27/10 10:25 PM
This guy loves the spin button and dropping back 15 yards.
# 6 myownsun @ 06/27/10 10:30 PM
Originally Posted by cowboykmoney
I'm liking these vids.
I'm loving them
# 7 txhardhitta405 @ 06/27/10 10:34 PM
Nothing about this game jumps out at me.. Flats are still broken, alot of missed blocks, No add-on tackles.. Honestly thought i was watching a M10 Vid. SMH
# 8 lippe1888 @ 06/27/10 10:41 PM
Looks decent, just hope it FEELS better than last yr. I just wish Ian and the team would fix the WR/CB battle (add actual pass interference, defensive holding, no psychic AI,), and perfect the goal line fade. And why is clipping still in this game?
# 9 twthomas @ 06/27/10 11:24 PM
Looks pretty good overall BUT,

Why oh why does the NFL and moreso Madden allow ignorant fumble recoveries
like is shown in the 3rd QTR? Is the NFL becoming the WWF? I mean seriously,
why is a player not down when he has possession of the ball and is touched by a
player on the other team? I hated that fumble system last year and can't imagine I will
like it any more this year especially if its gonna be lop-sided like shown in this video.
How could the Bucs have ever possibly got that ball back from two Dolphins
who appear to have smothered the ball?

I hope and pray that a camera angle and not how it appears.

Other than that and some minor skating animations, it does look good though.
# 10 Mr_Riddick @ 06/27/10 11:33 PM
The infamous over the should catch. @ 3:55
# 11 GaryT531 @ 06/27/10 11:36 PM
This looks decent imo. I'm still on the fence about getting this game.
# 12 iBlievN5 @ 06/27/10 11:46 PM
the dropping back so far is still annoying.
# 13 Joey Sauce @ 06/27/10 11:50 PM
I just played a couple games of Madden 10 before I watched these vids and I'm telling you - unless this game FEELS completely different - it is visually 96.5% the same game as last year.

I just hope and pray they are preparing to blow us away next year with a real time physics engine and true to life broadcast presentation...cuz they slacked off this year IMO.

Madden 10 with Gameflow (aka Ask Madden 2.0) and a fresh coat of polish isn't worth the purchase when NCAA11 looks nasty and will last me until next season
# 14 Aggies7 @ 06/28/10 12:03 AM
2:47 into second quarter video when Cadillac scores...still had wrong player celebrating.
# 15 rynecandy @ 06/28/10 12:36 AM
Non stop raining this year...kinda of wish it would come and go. Also what is the turf made of because the Fins jerseys are spotless at the end of the game.
# 16 kmart2180 @ 06/28/10 01:58 AM
I love and cant wait for this game, but I cannot lie....this game is still a sloppy mess. Just in this 1 game I seen too many bizaar things some of which have been stated already. But a few big things is the flats are there 100% of the time it looks like, which irks the sh!t out of me cause this was addressed via a patch last year. How is it broken again?

Whats with the Cpu qb not getting the ball to Marshall? And why is he holding the ball for so long? I noticed this in the other vids aswell. Seems like the qb's hold the ball forever (I think in the steelers/ravens vid Big ben did so aswell and ran like 5-7 times) Can they not find open recievers? Or is it a bug?

The cut scenes are still all out of wack. Why on earth after a rb scores a td do they zoom in on a FB celebrating? Or after a extra point kick then show the rb who scored walking off the field? Wouldnt he already be off the field??? Whoever is in charge of this department needs help big time. His work comes off to me as Sloppy/Lazy/Ugly and unacceptable. Im starting to wonder if the workers are held accountable for there work. Does not seem like it to me.

My BIGGEST GRIPE is still tacklers bouncing off the invisable force shield. Why on earth cant a 2nd or 3rd tackler join in or vinish off a tackle? For this to be happening in 2010 ....I cant even come up with the words to decribe how terrible this is or if I did say so I'd be banned for life. How can something that happens pretty much on every play in football STILL not happen in this game? I thought Pro Tak was supposed to fix this or be the answer? All I want to be able to do is have my 2nd defender hit the ball carrier or add on to the 1st guys attempted tackle. I am no game designer but it doesnt sound that hard and its been done before in previous games. I would love an explanation on this more than anything.

At the end of the day I still cant wait for Madden11 cause Im a diehard fan of this series but they do need to get on top of these things.
# 17 ramzes93 @ 06/28/10 03:47 AM
Im really confused as to how Chad Henne is only two points better than Josh Freeman, i don't wanna sound like a homer but Henne should be a lot higher than freeman. Henne: 60.8 cmp%, 12td, 14int, 2878yds. Freeman:54.5 cmp%, 1855 yds, 10td, 18int. Pretty lopsided, and i know he only played 10 games, but 54.5% and 18int is pretty bad. He has a lot of upside though. Both teams had mediocre recieving cores so i dont know why they are so closely rated.

And just for kicks here is the sanchises stats: 53.8 cmp%, 2444yds, 12td, 20int. Arguably the worst of the three with the best team, yet rated better than both at 82. Stafford is also rated 80: 53.3 cmp%, 2,267yds, 13tds, 20int in 10 games. Pretty stupid if you ask me, all these guys should be bumped down and henne slightly up, what happened to stretched ratings?

And another thing i noticed is Kyle Orton is only rated an 80, despite having a pretty damn good season last year. 62.1 cmp%, 3802 yds, 21 tds, and 12 ints. I dont get how it is possible that he is not rated better than stafford or sanchez, it makes no sense to me.

It is clear that they dont really go that deap into the actual players to make ratings because some of this is pretty dum.

As for the gameplay i didnt really see much that stood out to me, accept the like 20 yd overthrow by the cpu henne for a pick, i dont think any nfl qb would make a throw that poor. it doesnt look greatly different, only a demo will tell.
# 18 TheWatcher @ 06/28/10 08:22 AM
Originally Posted by Aggies7
2:47 into second quarter video when Cadillac scores...still had wrong player celebrating.
Yeah, the cut scenes still have a lot of problems. I like the camera angle choices for cut scenes in NCAA 11 better, they just did a better job with that this year, I'm actually surprised by that. But that game has the same issue as Madden 11 with picking the wrong player celebrating, or having a RB run off to the sideline after an extra point, even though he wouldn't even be on the field for an extra point. Timing issues and sequencing issues, all carry-over problems from Madden 10.
# 19 Mr_Riddick @ 06/28/10 08:40 AM
They really should do away with those cut-scenes.
# 20 steelersfan7 @ 06/28/10 08:44 AM
Is this Madden 10? lol Looks the same to me, nothing new, I'll pass this year.

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