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ESPN Videogames have just posted the full Madden NFL 11 player ratings for the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins.

"Welcome to the official "Madden NFL 11" player ratings reveal where everyday, Monday through Thursday, ESPN's Gamer blog will deliver the rosters and ratings for two teams, starting with the AFC East and ending with the defending Super Bowl champs and the NFC South."

Don't forget we have the Top Players at Each Position, right here.

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# 1 ch46647 @ 06/28/10 12:59 PM
By looking at these ratings it appears they still have the stretched ratings from last year. At first glance these ratings look very good IMO.
# 2 bo4345 @ 06/28/10 01:16 PM
What is the "SWG" rating? Is it swagger or something? Brandon Marshall is high in it, but I dunno what it stands for.
# 3 Senator Palmer @ 06/28/10 01:22 PM
Originally Posted by salbowski
HAHA... Mark Sanchez is rated higher than Chad Henne.
It must me that 85 swagger rating that's tilting the scale.

Just off first blush, Ricky Williams 71 toughness - 78 Injury. Damn, I know he had a bad streak of injuries but I thought he held up pretty well last year.

Bart Scott -73 Swagger??? Um, NO, he should at least be in the high 80s. He was a Raven for seven years for goddsake.

Jim Leonhard 45 Swagger rating... LOL!

I really want to know what this rating does. And does Rex Ryan one?
# 4 RayAllen20 @ 06/28/10 01:23 PM
At the bottom it says that it is swagger. What will this rating do? Maybe they will do more celebrations after a play or something?
# 5 ComfortablyLomb @ 06/28/10 01:26 PM
Originally Posted by ch46647
By looking at these ratings it appears they still have the stretched ratings from last year. At first glance these ratings look very good IMO.
I really, really love that the stretched ratings were brought back this year. There is so much to criticize about this game but the devs deserve credit for a fantastic decision and execution here.
# 6 bxgoods @ 06/28/10 01:26 PM
Lol Swagger rating, I will be pissed if it has lil effect on the game.
# 7 bo4345 @ 06/28/10 01:27 PM
@RayAllen20 Oh thanks, I'm impatient and usually just skim stuff and miss little details.

Swagger might be one of those ratings that don't mean anything, like toughness.
# 8 nhiverson @ 06/28/10 01:33 PM
It better not affect the game in any major way I mean come on swagger?
# 9 Senator Palmer @ 06/28/10 01:33 PM
Originally Posted by bo4345
Swagger might be one of those ratings that don't mean anything, like toughness.
From what I understand, toughness is how fast the player is able to come back from an injury.
# 10 Unforgiven @ 06/28/10 01:36 PM
Only in Madden is 12 td's and 20 ints better than 12 td's 14 ints.
# 11 ComfortablyLomb @ 06/28/10 01:37 PM
Maybe swagger is like an animation trigger? Just a guess but it would see some cooler catches, stiff arms, sacks, etc. from guys with a high rating.
# 12 PantherBeast_OS @ 06/28/10 01:45 PM
Nice ratings. I see old panthers DT Kris Jenkins is a 92 overall. Nice. I might have to trade for him and bring him back to carolina.
# 13 bxgoods @ 06/28/10 01:47 PM
This screen shot looks sick
# 14 jmik58 @ 06/28/10 01:52 PM
Shonn G. has an awareness rating of 68? That's absurd.

And the whole swagger rating thing is the dumbest arcade-ish thing I've heard in a long time. Your potential is your potential. If Chris Johnson is a 99 for speed, then he is a 99 for speed. I thought we were beyond this "turbo boost" thing. Your rating is what it is. If he can get to a 110, then that should be his rating.
# 15 Senator Palmer @ 06/28/10 01:56 PM
Originally Posted by salbowski
Swagger rating:

When a player makes a good play, all his attributes that pertain to his position get boosted in proportion to his swagger rating. The number of plays the boost lasts is also proportionate to his swagger rating.

It's kind of like a confidence rating. I'm reliably informed that players with any 99's can rise as high as 110 (eg-C Johnson speed can go from 99 to 110 for a short period).
This kind of sounds like the composure thing that NCAA had. I remember NCAA 08 had a "motivation" system where if your top player was tearing it up, it would raise the level of play of everyone on the field with him. I like out of the box thinking. This might be interesting if it's not overdone.
# 16 Cobra84 @ 06/28/10 02:48 PM
What a joke, the ratings guy should be tarred and feathered. Missing players, illogical ratings, and player to player comparisons that make no sense.

Henne > Sanchez is fairly obvious if you bothered to watch one game.

Greg Camarillo - 50 catches ZERO drops - catch 83
Braylon Edwards - 35 catches 4 drops - catch 77
That makes complete sense. Not droping any passes is only a little better than being stone hands.

Will Allen, Davis, Smith > Cromartie and Bell > Leonhard.

Not that any of this matters as most of the ratings will continue to do nothing.
# 17 angels eclipse7 @ 06/28/10 02:48 PM
I would take Sanchez over Henne but they are both way overated. And yes, the ratings are still stretched but not near as much as intended. EA posted a blog (when first announcing the new rating system) about how 85+ is a pro bowl caliber player. Well according to that and EA's 2011 ratings, the Jets have 3 pro bowl caliber WRs. Holmes should be the only pro bowl caliber wide out they have. Oh, and while just about every single player is overated, Bess actually needs to be a little bit higher. Somewhere from 75-79.

edit: and Sanchez should be rated anywhere from 71-79. But his potential should be A. He is rated way to high right now, but the guy does have a lot of potential.
# 18 Cobra84 @ 06/28/10 03:06 PM
Sanchez doesn't have "A" potential. Taking the #1 rushing and defensive team to a 8-8 (Colts game is a loss if they actually tried) record is nothing to be proud of. Stafford had nearly the same QB rating and he has to play for the Lions!
# 19 jp7588 @ 06/28/10 03:07 PM
Originally Posted by BloodMeridian
Why not just make 99 faster?
Cause this one goes to 110
# 20 Cobra84 @ 06/28/10 03:17 PM
Originally Posted by a4reak
Vontae Davis is a major snub at 82, I would make him like a 85 bc the kid has major upside. Your off on Allen n Smith. One was a rookie so I give him a pass but they both got burned a ton last year. Cromartie and Leonhard is better then both. Sanchez is higher then Henne bc he was playing very good in the playoffs and playoffs>reg season
I don't think you know how bad Cromartie really is. Allen didn't and didn't play enough to get burned a ton.

Playoffs? Bengals are overrated, Colt defense sucks and Sanchez sucked against the Chargers. Sanchez had no chance without the best OL, rushing, and defense.

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