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ESPN Videogames have posted some AFC East Madden NFL 11 screenshots.

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# 1 thudias @ 06/28/10 03:37 PM
Look at Revis' right ankle on the tackle of Sammy Morris.
# 2 spacefunk @ 06/28/10 03:44 PM
I really don't wanna sound like one of the many nit-picky nit-wits that troll through this forum but it appears the numbers on the back of the jerseys have gotten smaller. Why fix something that wasn't broken?
# 3 steelernation28 @ 06/28/10 04:52 PM
You're right, the numbers on the back have gotten smaller. I thought maybe it was team specific, but it appears that all teams are affected.
# 4 steelernation28 @ 06/28/10 05:02 PM
I was expecting a little bit more refinement in terms of the player models, in particular the upper body; helmets, shoulder pads, facemasks. I have noticed some slight changes but it looks a lot like last years. I think the lighting is whats going to differentiate this from '10, as far the aesthetics are concerned.
# 5 CaliDude916 @ 06/28/10 05:03 PM
Originally Posted by SA1NT401
LT still looks like a High School freshman wearing oversized pads....I personally think the player models have taken a step back from 10 IMHO.
# 6 R9NALD9 @ 06/29/10 05:26 AM
^^^ hahahaha lol
# 7 G-Men_in_Mass @ 06/29/10 06:45 AM
Anyone else see how all the side line cams are never pointing at the action on the field... No attention to detail...
# 8 Unforgiven @ 06/29/10 11:30 AM
This is still bothering me w/ Vontae Davis. Give the man some darkness..

I'm really disappointed that they still didn't fix it. I've asked Ian to fix him and Sean Smith since Madden 10 came out. I guess he has been ignoring all those simple requests.
# 9 BaselineBakes @ 06/29/10 11:51 AM
Reebok allowed for the game to have Nike cleats, yay!

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