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ESPN Videogames have just posted the full Madden NFL 11 player ratings for the San Diego Chargers and Kansas City Chiefs.

"When the highest rated player on your team is your punter, well, let's just say you won't be the most popular team in "Madden".

Don't forget to check out the Top Players at Each Position, right here.

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# 1 fitz2k2 @ 07/01/10 11:19 AM
I thought D. McCluster was a runningback?
# 2 Pacman83 @ 07/01/10 11:25 AM
McCluster has played both...i think in both NCAA 09/10 he was a WR
# 3 KANE699 @ 07/01/10 12:05 PM
So you're going to place him as the 6th running back on the roster rather than a receiver?
# 4 Yashi @ 07/01/10 12:05 PM
McCluster's going to be playing mostly slot receiver. Probably some RB on passing downs, and also some Wildcat.

Too high:
Casey Wiegmann
Thomas Jones
Jarrad Page
DeMorrio Williams

Too low:
Tamba Hali
Jamaal Charles
Brandon Flowers
Brandon Carr
# 5 KANE699 @ 07/01/10 12:09 PM
Tamba Hali should be rated higher and Demorrio lower, those are the only ones I can agree on.
# 6 Chiefsfan881129 @ 07/01/10 12:19 PM
I cant comment on the ratings yet as i have yet to view them but wiii in 30 mins once i get home from work but i seen people asking why he is not at rb goto kcchiefs.com and look at the roster and u will see that mccluster is listed as a wr yes he will be used as a rb and other ways but he was converted to wr so kudos to ea for making this change as lts right thanks
# 7 TheFuture94 @ 07/01/10 12:55 PM
Why are people going crazy over McCluster? Relax.
# 8 DaCarver13 @ 07/01/10 01:40 PM
This kinda sucks for Chiefs fans tho.
I would have preffered for them to put McCluster as a HB because in Madden a HB can also play and start at WR but WR's cannot play HB.
# 9 Imaking332 @ 07/01/10 01:45 PM
you know you can change his position in edit player
# 10 Imaking332 @ 07/01/10 02:00 PM
And being a patriots fan i really hope Cassell plays well this year. The problem with him he takes too long in the pocket but the patriots pro bowl caliber blockers were able to nulify that weakness. If the Chiefs want to win with Cassell they need excellent blocking and a emergency QB for his noodle arm on shotgun plays.
# 11 DaCarver13 @ 07/01/10 02:53 PM
Originally Posted by Imaking332
you know you can change his position in edit player
Not the case when playing online.
# 12 feeq14 @ 07/01/10 04:08 PM
Ratings look pretty good. Im happy they gave rivers a little bump in thp.
# 13 SouthernBrick @ 07/01/10 05:13 PM
Can't wait to try out Mathews. Even though LT is my dude, I was getting tired of of him but, it was pretty nice when I'd have good games with him even though he would be slow as hell lol(definitely more good blocking than anything else). The O-line is looking real nice right now so that is a plus. Also glad to see Tolbert getting some love on the speed and acceleration rating now.

Kevin Ellison is gone and so is Ian Scott so they need to change that depth chart.
# 14 Maniac-64- @ 07/01/10 05:40 PM
Originally Posted by TheFuture94
Why are people going crazy over McCluster? Relax.

I know. Its not that big a deal....
# 15 Mr Superstar08 @ 07/01/10 09:51 PM
Cassel FTW!
# 16 Imaking332 @ 07/02/10 01:17 AM
Originally Posted by Mr Superstar08
Cassel FTW!
But Brady for the Championship.
# 17 Nev @ 07/02/10 02:12 AM
If McCluster is a WR in the game does that mean WR's can be put in at RB?

Donny say's McCluster can run the ball and catch passes out of the backfield.
# 18 Aggies7 @ 07/02/10 02:31 AM
I think all the rating look pretty accurate. I wouldve like to see Marcus Masons speed be a little better.
# 19 Maelstrom-XIII @ 07/02/10 10:31 AM
I thought one of their pushes was to have it so you could line anyone up at any position...I'm not sure if they ever followed through on it though...
# 20 Heath-17 @ 07/09/10 05:00 PM
Ryan Mathews got a major snub!

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