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# 1 arsenal123gunners @ 07/02/10 10:43 AM
Looks very nice!
# 2 youvalss @ 07/02/10 10:48 AM
Nice find!!!!

And it looks more phyisical than 2K10, which is a plus!
# 3 23 @ 07/02/10 10:48 AM
No doubt about it.. looks to be shaping up nicely
# 4 renewill27 @ 07/02/10 10:56 AM
Not hating but it looks like 2k10.
# 5 ifriedrice @ 07/02/10 10:56 AM
Doesn't look like the revamped player models are in yet. The physical play is definitely there. Can't wait to see more.
# 6 King Gro23 @ 07/02/10 11:14 AM
I dont see the physicality you guys seem to be saying, or maybe I just see more animations of contact but its still looks like not enough. Too little to serve judgement. some animations look nice (the new ones)
# 7 kolanji @ 07/02/10 11:35 AM
hmmm the game seems to b coming along just fine. i hope that the eruopean step to the left hand layup done by kobe bryant was done by human input and not by random CPU determination.
# 8 The 24th Letter @ 07/02/10 11:37 AM
I like suttle LeBron push underneath the basket....good stuff. Honestly, its too early to tell anything...im sure the models and shots arent complete either...but one things for sure...the game looks FLUID. Assuming those arent some kind of cg inserts, thats awesome...
# 9 Beluba @ 07/02/10 11:45 AM
There's not a great deal of 2K11 new stuff in this video... and that was intentional. Just fyi.
# 10 bearschicago @ 07/02/10 11:51 AM
White headbands/arm sleeves looks like white instead of gray.
Pierce has a new shot. George Hill's shot is quicker but it still doesn't look like his shot. He releases below the top of his head not above it.

Hill's form also suggests all generic jumpshots were not removed. Which sucks because all generic jumpshots are slow/looks unrealistic and gets blocked often. Everyone should have their own sig shot(except for created players during the season).

But having said that, shots looks quicker/smoother which is a good thing.

The basketball also looks different. Looks darker.

Seems like a mix of 2K10 and 2K11.
# 11 bateman11 @ 07/02/10 11:52 AM
new shot for paul pierce
# 12 The 24th Letter @ 07/02/10 11:52 AM
so keeping true with the no two man animations quote from Rob...that reaction to Brons fake on Pierce was an actual reaction right?
# 13 bearschicago @ 07/02/10 11:52 AM
Originally Posted by Beluba
There's not a great deal of 2K11 new stuff in this video... and that was intentional. Just fyi.
Oh ok. Good to know.
# 14 da ThRONe @ 07/02/10 11:54 AM
Looks real similar to last year game which isnt a bad thing. Like some have said to early to start comparing.

I still have an issues with the way player fit in their jersey's it's just off.
# 15 Taymullah179 @ 07/02/10 12:06 PM
the trailer looks pretty good..it looks like they gave paul peirce the mace jumpshot from 2k10 tho
# 16 Canquain @ 07/02/10 12:23 PM
If this is nba 2k11 or not the Graphics look very clean and smooth and it really looks like its running at 60 FPS and i didnt see much animation which is great. I think its gonna be a good year for 2k11.
# 17 RayAllen20 @ 07/02/10 12:31 PM
The dribbling is looking like Live's which is exactly what I want. Also, I am hoping we can pull off those euro steps, LeBron's post move, Rondo's shake, Kobe's punp fake then pivot move, and any other specialty moves whenever we want.

Anyway, this is a small trailer but I'm happy with it. Great year for basketball fans again it seems!
# 18 jfsolo @ 07/02/10 12:32 PM
Maybe I'm just seeing what I want to see, but the KG finish with the LeBron bump, the Kobe basket with contact from Matthews, and Nash's double clutch over Fisher all seemed like newness to me.
# 19 23 @ 07/02/10 12:34 PM
George Hill's shot

Is this the end of the run, stop, shuffle your feet, take a drawn out jumper?
# 20 ifriedrice @ 07/02/10 12:51 PM
Originally Posted by 23
George Hill's shot

Is this the end of the run, stop, shuffle your feet, take a drawn out jumper?
I sure as heck hope so. That's been one of the main gripes forever now. I also hope they go back to the post shots/animations at 2K8 speed if you're doing basic moves.

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