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# 1 NEW_ORLEANS @ 07/03/10 06:30 PM
How do they get to play so many full games?
# 2 Steve_OS @ 07/03/10 06:30 PM
Check the Ocho Cinco catch at around 6:00 (2nd qtr.), so sweet!
# 3 RayAllen20 @ 07/03/10 06:38 PM
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
Check the Ocho Cinco catch at around 6:00 (2nd qtr.), so sweet!
Wow was that awesome! I gotta say I love the catching this year!
# 4 jmurphy31 @ 07/03/10 06:40 PM
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
Check the Ocho Cinco catch at around 6:00 (2nd qtr.), so sweet!
The catch and toe-tap was pretty sick looking...
# 5 donnyj86 @ 07/03/10 07:02 PM
The CPU plays AWESOME for the most part with the drops, staying in the "pocket", and at the end of the game with the hail mary. Sad to see that the user can still get away with taking 10 step drops. and of course the tackling issues.
# 6 SaintsNATION32 @ 07/03/10 07:03 PM
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
Check the Ocho Cinco catch at around 6:00 (2nd qtr.), so sweet!
best sideline catch animation i've ever seen in any football game...ever! just sick!!!
# 7 SaintsNATION32 @ 07/03/10 07:13 PM
EA....stepped it up this year....wit catch animations & locamotion which those two things alone makes a HUGE difference from M10...people if madden plays like the ncaa11 demo...we have us a good very fun game this year....& this is coming from a ESPN2K5 fanatic.
# 8 Fresh Prince @ 07/03/10 07:15 PM

C'mon man.
# 9 blackscorpion11 @ 07/03/10 07:22 PM
Still skating instead of running, everyone runs the same.. arcadish , i hope ncaa 11 looks better than this.. Early in the video i notice palmer threw left without looking first.. he threw as he turned???
# 10 Senator Palmer @ 07/03/10 07:29 PM
WOW, they finally got Carson Palmer's head in the game. I actually recognized him in the locker room scene. Good stuff. Even better, they polished up his throwing motion. It actually looked like #9 out there.

Good to see the CPU opponent calling plays like the real-life counterpart. Bengals started the game off pounding Cedric in the snow. 4th quarter, the Bengals ran the ball on 3rd and goal from the 18 instead of passing to make the Dolphins burn a t/o. Nice to see the CPU thinking strategically at the end of a game.

However, I didn't see enough playaction from the Bengals and the flats still look soft.

And is this the same guy playing on all these CPU vids? My man needs some help. He seems to have it rough every time against the CPU.
# 11 King Gro23 @ 07/03/10 07:33 PM
The chad johnson catch was ridiculous to me, I didnt like it one bit. High flying, One hand, no struggle or focus. Also his body just looks stiff as can be
# 12 Tengo Juego @ 07/03/10 07:45 PM
smh Pat White subbed in over Henne? Have some sim with that cheese.
# 13 K_GUN @ 07/03/10 07:48 PM
Originally Posted by DaTwolves21
Am I the only one who's unimpressed by these video's. .
no---there are a lot of guys around these parts who are unimpressed
# 14 Morning Thunder @ 07/03/10 07:55 PM
I hate this guy, every video the first thing he does is sub in all the fastest guys. Cheese.
# 15 iAM-IncReDiBLe- @ 07/03/10 08:11 PM
I doubt it but maybe hes doing it to see how effective the speed rating is in this years madden.
# 16 blackscorpion11 @ 07/03/10 08:14 PM
Watched all these vids...been playin madden over 25yrs now.. this game looks the same as the 3 before it...The visuals are cleaned up but the gameplay looks the same.
# 17 steelernation28 @ 07/03/10 08:14 PM
Do any of the E3 videos have games using gameflow?
# 18 cowboykmoney @ 07/03/10 08:21 PM
To me this years game looks to to very playable this year, Ijust hope they add superbowl wins in each players award history when those players win a superbowl. Its should say 2011 superbowl champion in their award history. Makes it all the better to try to get to the SB and be able to look back on all players careers.
# 19 billsofcanada @ 07/03/10 08:31 PM
Game flow = ask madden.
# 20 bxgoods @ 07/03/10 09:08 PM
That chad catch was hott

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