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# 1 arsenal123gunners @ 07/04/10 04:19 PM
Why are all of these games snowy?
# 2 Steve_OS @ 07/04/10 04:35 PM
LOL, c'mon guys. At least you are getting something.
# 3 WG5516 @ 07/04/10 04:39 PM
If Wade did that in real life, he would be fired on the spot. That's unless they actually scored on the 2 pointer. lol
# 4 WG5516 @ 07/04/10 04:39 PM
Oh yeah thanks for posting.
# 5 TheWatcher @ 07/04/10 04:42 PM
I like those replays a lot, and the stat banner that comes up for the featured player is a nice touch.

And man I tell you, when you're a QB and you can go 5 for 4 passing, that's something special
# 6 Redskinsfan26 @ 07/04/10 05:30 PM
liked that interview scene at the end of the game!
# 7 fitz2k2 @ 07/04/10 05:31 PM
we already seen snow,cowboys,chargers can we see a new team geez
# 8 Nev @ 07/04/10 05:33 PM
The 1 time he doesn't sub in his speed guys....

I wanna see some Cowboys ratings. lol
# 9 SaintsNATION32 @ 07/04/10 05:55 PM
enough wit the snow...plus we need to see the superbowl champs & how sick Reggie Bush is gonna be wit this year locomotion.
# 10 SaintsNATION32 @ 07/04/10 05:56 PM
all i have to say don't kick it to REGGIE!!!!
# 11 Steve_OS @ 07/04/10 05:58 PM
I wonder how onside kicks will work now...
# 12 Steve_OS @ 07/04/10 06:21 PM
For those wondering the same thing I was...


it automatically picks angle and kicks the top. you just gauge power.
# 13 Brandwin @ 07/04/10 06:24 PM
Geez some people are so ungrateful. So what if it's teams you have seen or snow in San Diego, at least it's videos of gameplay.
# 14 Skyboxer @ 07/04/10 06:27 PM
I absolutely LOVE what I'm seeing. Thanks for the vids!!!
# 15 shadthedad @ 07/04/10 06:54 PM
Where's the pro take from last year........ I saw opportunities for multiple defenders to tackle the ball carrier, but didn't see it.
# 16 TreyIM2 @ 07/04/10 08:30 PM
I hope they added skullies to the sideline folks when in cold/snowy weather. Romo and Phillips shouldn't be rocking baseball caps in the snow while on the sidelines. Even the water boy should at least rock one. Other than that, I just want to play this game. Hopefully word of the demo hitting soon will be spoken on by EA, tomorrow
# 17 FroznYogurt @ 07/04/10 09:09 PM
Ugh, we need consecutive tackling! I'm tired of seeing players drop to the ground every tackle attempt because they have no effect on the tackle.
# 18 Dramaking @ 07/04/10 09:29 PM
I want some Arizona gameplay.But i just hopes this game feels like NCAA(but a littler slower) and its worth a buy.lol skullies, the rating system is not right and your worried about skullies, on the sideline.
# 19 WeBB15 @ 07/04/10 09:40 PM
Doesnt look very impressive
# 20 steelernation28 @ 07/04/10 11:04 PM
What do you want? It looks great to me. Animations are silky smooth.

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