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GamePlayBook has posted their NBA Elite 11 preview.

"Although it was still an early build, we got a look at this new control scheme in action at E3 a few weeks ago. Despite the need for some tightening, we got an understanding of what EA was going for. The control scheme is a lot more natural than what it was in Live, complete with free throw shooting (you hold up to initiate your player movement and then release the stick right when the timing is right) and “hustle” moves to get closer to the basket. There are still more tricks to be uncovered, but thus far, it’s a system that could do for basketball what NHL did for hockey.

That’s just the start. NBA Elite 11 also means a fresh start in terms of appearance. The animations are much more natural this time around, and not “canned” like in previous renditions of Live. For instance, you won’t go into an automatic animation when you try to go for the basket and either automatically get a hand in your face or watch the ball sink in. It’s real-time interaction, so depending where your analog stick movements go, you can either successfully score or watch as the ball is swatted away or, worse yet, stolen. EA Sports paid better attention to the physics engine thus far, and although we haven’t seen all the courts and players, it’s a step in the right direction for its b-ball focus."

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Member Comments
# 1 RayDog253 @ 07/08/10 02:33 PM
Good article, I like what he was saying about 'Be a Pro' mode.
# 2 bigsmallwood @ 07/08/10 03:27 PM
Seems like it will be really good!
# 3 mrclutch @ 07/08/10 04:05 PM
Most everything to date sounds solid. Looking forward to the demo.
# 4 Detroitfan4life1993 @ 07/08/10 05:31 PM
I was really hoping that be a pro would be in and now that it's confirmed im done with 2k and switching to Elite.
# 5 Ermolli @ 07/08/10 07:30 PM
Looking good right now

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