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ESPN Videogames have posted a bunch of Madden NFL 11 screenshots, featuring the AFC teams.

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# 1 PantherBeast_OS @ 07/08/10 02:13 PM
Nice screen shots they took. I can't wait until they get to the NFC South so I can see the panthers full ratings. Thanks alot steveo.
# 2 iva-chargers-fan @ 07/08/10 02:53 PM
Nice picks...but you guys made Ryan Matthews SUPER BLACK!!! he has light skinn.
# 3 iva-chargers-fan @ 07/08/10 02:57 PM
louis Vasquez is super black to!!...dont you guys pay attention to skinn color...lol
# 4 canes21 @ 07/08/10 03:52 PM
The first picture from the AFC West gallery is not one I would have picked. The ball looks terribly big in the picture. And that juke looks terrible too. The missed tackle animation doesn't look so great either. Definitely not a great picture.

The third picture isn't a good one either in my opinion. If that is how he is trying to tackle Cassel, then thats laughable. He looks like he's giving him a friendly hug, not a wrap tackle.

On picture 15, the receiver should be putting up a lot better fight for the ball. Yes, its a nice play by the DB to make a diving swat, but as a WR you need to fight for the ball when the DB is still as close as he is. Make a little contact, it happens a lot.

The first picture from the AFC East gallery also needs a better fight. Not many DBs will catch a pass like that and not many WRs will let them make a catch like that. The WR should be jumping up for the ball, not trying to catch it at his chest. You don't catch a ball like that. If it was a slant pass or a short pattern, that animation would be fine, but on what appears to be a deep ball, you either catch it over your should like Cromartie is, or you make a fight for the ball. Neither is happening.

Picture 5 looks like an American Eagle advertisement.

Picture 8 looks awkward. The ball looks like a bullet pass and he is catching it like that. That animation should only play on a catch in stride down the sidelines. On a bullet thats high, the WR should turn around and jump up and catch it. Then maybe either fall down or a very agile WR should regain their balance.

In picture 20 the ball looks the same size of Welker's torso. That really should be fixed by now.

In picture 3 of the South gallery, a small detail I think that needs to be corrected is the positioning of Schaub's head. Getting hit hard enough to fall back like that would result in minor whiplash. He would not have the strength to keep looking down field unless the hit was a very soft hit.

Picture 1 of the North gallery really looks great. Besides the size of the ball I am happy with this picture.

I don't understand picture 6. What is Heap even doing to try and catch the ball?

Picture 22 looks like a holding call to me. The defensive lineman is on his stomach while the offensive lineman is grabbing his jersey.

Sorry for all the negativity, just stating what I think needs to be addressed.
# 5 K_GUN @ 07/08/10 07:24 PM

hahaha..LOL....."so other than that did you enjoy the play Mrs. Lincoln?"
# 6 canes21 @ 07/08/10 07:27 PM
Originally Posted by K_GUN

hahaha..LOL....."so other than that did you enjoy the play Mrs. Lincoln?"
Yea, for the most part I guess.
# 7 MrSkagTrendy @ 07/09/10 04:27 AM
I cba with any of this. Screenshots don't do it for me this time of year..usually we have captured gameplay by now but alas no..maybe soon!
# 8 John_Wall_R*O*Y @ 07/09/10 09:10 AM
does anyone know when ther will be some bears screenshots or gameplay? seem like EA's dogs us in the previews lol

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