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Kotaku's Owen Good has posted a Backbreaker article entitled, Only a Few Have Left Tackle Alley 'Alive', video included.

"You're a halfback, not a soldier, but it doesn't feel right to call these "turns," "tries," "chances," or "men." No, these are "lives" at stake in Backbreaker's Tackle Alley, where 99.12 percent of its players have ended up "dead."

They're not "rounds" either, they're "waves," or sometimes called "levels," and up there is video of the last 31 of them in this very addictive hardcore mini-game, pitting your lone runner against a field of defenders, trying to reach the end zone in increasingly desperate circumstances. Oh, and there are no game saves. When you exhaust all your lives, tough luck; you get to start over from wave 1.

Why is this significant? The developer, NaturalMotion Games, says only 0.88 percent of all Backbreaker players have collected "Parting Wave," the 90 Gamerscore achievement that certifies completion of all 100 waves. And that's including NaturalMotion QA legend Phil Davidson, the only one in the studio to complete the game, and the guy who's playing in this video."

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# 1 djordan @ 07/12/10 01:55 PM
LOL WTF @ The video
# 2 elgreazy1 @ 07/12/10 02:08 PM
It is very tough, haven't made it past Wave 68 myself and after a few tries I gave up. Too much of a pain in the *** to start back over from Wave 1. I understand the reason why the mode was made with no save points, but at times it does get frustrating.
# 3 sb24 @ 07/12/10 02:15 PM
I made it over 70 something but I have only tried twice. It takes alot of time to get through all those waves.
# 4 mestevo @ 07/12/10 02:44 PM
Made it into the 60s the first time I played, literally haven't played it since other than to show the game to others and play the first wave or two.
# 5 TreFacTor @ 07/12/10 11:11 PM
The video displays that all you have to do is spin, spin, spin.
# 6 DavonBrown @ 08/07/10 05:32 AM
I did it! I completed all 100 waves and I'm currently ranked #1 on the leaderboards for Tackle Alley Single Player.
# 7 TexasBorn1 @ 08/07/10 11:13 AM
I got to wave 96 and lost. Haven't tried it again ever since because I was so frustrated at coming that close..having to start from level 1 irks me
# 8 43Chargers4Now @ 08/07/10 07:29 PM
Takes too much time. I've only done it about three times. First time, wave 68. Second time, wave 80. Third time, wave 92. Countless hours because starting at wave 1 Takes too gosh darn long and I just dont have the time for it. I'd rather just play a game of BB then go do something else....
# 9 Papytendo @ 08/07/10 07:43 PM
Left juke then right juke got me to beat it easily. Also sticking to one side of the field.
# 10 DavonBrown @ 08/07/10 08:16 PM
It was on second time. The first time I made it to 68. Then last night I tried it out just for fun, but once I made it to Wave 90 with 99 lives I was like "This can't be happening"!
# 11 tbbucsfan001 @ 08/07/10 09:34 PM
Originally Posted by TreFacTor
The video displays that all you have to do is spin, spin, spin.
This is getting to the point of flaming...

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