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Are you purchasing NCAA Football 11? For those voting on the homepage, the poll is on the right.

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# 1 dan_457 @ 07/12/10 07:01 PM
For sure, I've never been this excited for a football game.
# 2 Atomic Martian @ 07/12/10 07:02 PM
YES! and if it wasnt for the DEMO i dont think i would be buying this game!
# 3 TreyIM2 @ 07/12/10 07:03 PM
I'm 50/50. I definitely won't be purchasing it tomorrow but maybe when my money hits on Thurs, I will. May rent it, though. Tryna get an HTC EVO on Thurs, anyway, and my pennies are not as a plenty as they used to be.
# 4 Solidice @ 07/12/10 07:05 PM
# 5 Watson @ 07/12/10 07:09 PM
OS has some very inaccurate clickers. I can't believe 16 people missed.
# 6 Raven Nation42 @ 07/12/10 07:10 PM
Oh yeah picked it up today during lunch and plan to dive into it when I get home
# 7 Valdarez @ 07/12/10 07:10 PM
Hard to vote. I bought it for the first time in 6 years at the $40 price rate, only because I want to support gameplay changes. Still wouldn't have bought it at $60. Can you add an option of 'Yes, but only at a reduced sales price'? There were definitely a LOT of preOrder prices for all EA Football titles this year from a slew of different sellers.
# 8 Reaman @ 07/12/10 07:12 PM
No, I'm waiting for Madden NFL 11
# 9 MrChainsaw @ 07/12/10 07:12 PM
Heck yes. I will have this game in my paws at 12:01 tonight. This is the first time I have ever been this psyched for an NCAA game (on this generation anyway). Every other game I own will probably collect dust on the shelves for a while after today.
# 10 NoDakHusker @ 07/12/10 07:19 PM
I'll be picking it up tomorrow morning!
# 11 Cusefan @ 07/12/10 07:20 PM
For a EA sports game poll, this is easily the best I have ever seen EA do here.

Adam and Tiburon: Keep up the good work. If you keep on working on the actual game and steer clear of the gimmicks, NCAA 12 could easily be the best football game ever created.
# 12 gotti1914 @ 07/12/10 07:28 PM
Yes...i will be getting this game this year...there are a lot of great reviews out there...can't wait till tomorrow...
# 13 countryboy @ 07/12/10 07:31 PM
For the first time in YEARS, I am not purchasing NCAA. I am going to wait for Madden. I always end up shelving NCAA anyways once Madden drops. So, I'll keep enjoying the Show and wait for 8/10/10
# 14 CaliDude916 @ 07/12/10 07:33 PM
Nope, only Madden, just like every year.
# 15 Bolt957 @ 07/12/10 07:44 PM
Yes I am. Can't break my 1st day purchase streak! Bought it the first day since NCAA Football 2003 so it will be 8 years running.
# 16 swag @ 07/12/10 08:00 PM
those of you who said no because you're only going to by madden are nuts
# 17 atlhawks @ 07/12/10 08:05 PM
of course Im buying but not tommorrow, on wednesday
# 18 jwilphl @ 07/12/10 08:10 PM
Nope. NCAA '09 and '10 were both disappointing to me, so I'm taking a break. Not buying Madden either this year.

After I heard the offline modes in NCAA were untouched (Dynasty and RTG), and Teambuilder received very minimal touches, I'm just going to wait until '12 to buy again (unless that game turns out awful). I thought the improved presentation would sell it for me, but playing the demo, it just wasn't there. The presentation is still lacking in big ways, and it probably has a lot to do with the commentary (maybe new commentators are in order?).

I also don't trust reviews. The game gets decent scores every year (anywhere from 8-9), so you never really know what to think. I was not pleased with the past two iterations despite generally favorable reviews. The improved gameplay is great, and I think it's a good direction, but I assume those fixes will be around next year. The amount and quality of innovation and improvement between yearly releases just isn't enough for me to consider buying these games every year, anymore. Perhaps if the price point wasn't so high I would reconsider. I would spend $30 every year, which equates to the same as $60 every other year. But we all know EA wouldn't drop their prices like that. Heaven forbid.

I will instead be purchasing NHL '11 and FIFA '11 after skipping out on NHL last year, and I haven't bought a FIFA game since 2005. The World Cup has renewed my interest in soccer, and with their own version of Teambuilder coming up, I'll have to check things out.
# 19 jacory12 @ 07/12/10 08:14 PM
YES! and picking it up in about 2 hours and 45 minutes.
# 20 DJ @ 07/12/10 08:16 PM
Originally Posted by countryboy
For the first time in YEARS, I am not purchasing NCAA. I am going to wait for Madden. I always end up shelving NCAA anyways once Madden drops. So, I'll keep enjoying the Show and wait for 8/10/10
It's the opposite for me; I'm buying NCAA and passing on Madden this year.

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