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# 1 Eski33 @ 07/13/10 06:03 PM
I honestly had high hopes for this year's edition of NCAA football and the game does not disappoint. The opening cinematic is one of the best in years (since the original NFL 2K for the Dreamcast in my opinion) and really gets you in game mode.

One of the first things I like to do is check out uniforms and different weather conditions. Having only played several minutes offline and three online games, I am absolutely hooked.

Things that I liked:

1) The weather effects are excellent...Footprints in the snow don't disappear immediately which is a nice effect

2) The sidelines are loaded with players...Most colleges dress 100 players at home and you can tell

3) The uniform options are incredible...The ability to go all black with Georgia is a sweet touch. Although I would have liked to seen Florida's white helmet, Michigan State's new uniforms and the Canes classic gold helmet represented, there is nothing to really be disappointed about. Oregon is definitely well represented.

4) The animations are incredible. It has been a long time since I laughed in enjoyment as my ball carrier hurdled a defender. The hurdle looked damn real...

5) Graphics -- What is there to say accept this is the most beautiful football game ever. The uniforms and helmets are detailed to the hilt...The stadiums received a huge facelift and the lighting is incredible. People will nitpick that the crowd looks poor or that the uniforms don't get dirty. Honestly, I didn't even notice.

6) The ESPN presentation is huge...

A few things I think need some fixing

1) Replays, especially on long plays, are shortened as they were in Madden 10. Hope that EA can patch this...I had an 89-yard TD run in which only the last 30+ yards was recorded

2) Weather and night games in online play

I am sure there are other things that people will point out but this is all I could find in my short time playing. Complaining about anything else would be classified as a gripe....

Overall, this game lives up and surpasses all of the hype...EA got this right...
# 2 boritter @ 07/13/10 06:10 PM
It is significantly better than NCAA 07-10. But I am very disappointed that 3 additional ODs are $10 while 5 additional ODs are $15.
# 3 Bash @ 07/13/10 06:15 PM
Originally Posted by boritter
It is significantly better than NCAA 07-10. But I am very disappointed that 3 additional ODs are $10 while 5 additional ODs are $15.

# 4 CC @ 07/13/10 06:24 PM
I'm sure it'll be good. I'm going nuts right now though, because I payed for release-day shipping from amazon, and as of 7:25 PM (right now) it hasn't been delivered. The worst part is that it has apparently been sitting at my local UPS shipping center since 8AM. I am a little upset right now, as every time I get on xbox live i see all of my buddies playing it.
# 5 darknmild @ 07/13/10 06:34 PM
I know i should have pre-ordered this game... now i have to wait to tonight when i get off work to buy it and my GF wants to come over... with that being said cant wait til tomorrow when i can actually play the game....
# 6 madhou5e @ 07/13/10 07:00 PM
I can definitely tell a great difference from last year's version. I'm only disappointed they didn't have the Combat Pro uniforms some teams wore last year. Other than that I'm pretty well satisfied right now.
# 7 Watson @ 07/13/10 07:01 PM
LOVE it.

# 8 bigsmallwood @ 07/13/10 07:23 PM
Loving it! The Presentation could be deeper and better, but no real complaints! The gameplay is very good and pretty realistic in most manners! More impressions later as I play more!
# 9 den den @ 07/13/10 07:37 PM
Great graphics, good presentation, would have liked to have seen more commentary choices just to make it feel different for each game. Waiting for rosters and trying to see what speed I will play although normal is not bad.
# 10 PantherBeast_OS @ 07/13/10 07:41 PM
Aside from some things in the game that need to be patched. For the most part the game is real good. I have no complaints what so ever.
# 11 tbasket20 @ 07/13/10 07:59 PM
i love it, ive played 4 games already today..i like how can actually change the difficulty for recruiting in dynasty mode (offline).
# 12 Randiesel75 @ 07/13/10 08:51 PM
Originally Posted by UGADAWGS24/7
one thing...right before i run a play it shows where im gonna run the ball...anyway to turn this off?
new feature added. go into your options to turn off.
# 13 Joshua1207 @ 07/13/10 09:04 PM
As soon as they patch the freezing it'll be a good 8/10 game.
# 14 Nature_Boy @ 07/13/10 09:21 PM
I love it!
# 15 niggarachi @ 07/13/10 09:28 PM
Game plays great IMO. Any news on the names for the rosters yet!?
# 16 ven0m43 @ 07/13/10 09:34 PM
I got the game in mail this morning, but my bro has had my 360 for over a yr now. I think it's time to buy a new 1.
# 17 iva-chargers-fan @ 07/13/10 10:24 PM
does any one know the player rating of USC's RB #28 Dillon Baxter
# 18 ngw411 @ 07/13/10 10:41 PM
somebody post some screenshots
# 19 jscrub3 @ 07/13/10 10:43 PM
Game is awesome, one minor issue I have though is how injuries aren't really mentioned when they happen on the field.
# 20 nickdp23 @ 07/13/10 11:11 PM
Has anyone changed the settings to auto turbo? Is it smoother and does it provide better gameplay?

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