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# 1 Clarke_311 @ 07/15/10 09:42 PM
Why is Vick the starting QB???
# 2 bcruise @ 07/15/10 09:44 PM
Originally Posted by Clarke_311
Why is Vick the starting QB???
I'd imagine scientist subbed him in as he seems to put all of the fastest players in before any of his games.
# 3 Kushmir @ 07/15/10 09:53 PM
what's with madsci always subbing in the mobile QB?

seeing waaay too much dime .vs. run formations too...do people still DO that? isn't this madden 11?

its HIS gameplan but a lil on the cheesy side...drop back, read the defense, find the open man..REPEAT. simple.

then you take control of a 90+ rated CB only to screw it up/get out of position and get beat for a TD before the half? this isn't madden 08...quality CBs actually hold their own in one-on-one...SMH.

ah well...i'm probly taking it a lil too personal due to my birds losing to the Gmen...its all good tho.
# 4 fitz2k2 @ 07/15/10 09:57 PM
eagles fan right here to. This guy using vick must be a big fan because everyone knows in madden hes unaccurate and if he started kolb he would have a td by now
# 5 jehrenfried @ 07/15/10 11:23 PM
why the f*** did he put Vick in, im tryna see our hero kolb in....in Kolb we trust!
# 6 TheFuture94 @ 07/15/10 11:28 PM
The one time I get to see my team in a full game and the guy using them is a complete scrub. FML.
# 7 Dog @ 07/16/10 02:50 AM
the midnight green looks off in the vids too......
# 8 MrSkagTrendy @ 07/16/10 02:50 AM
Every game this guy has posted sucks. He doesn't show gameflow, he plays like a cheeser and he and whoever he plays with play bad football AND cover up the cutscenes. There's no point.
# 9 Dog @ 07/16/10 08:33 AM
Originally Posted by GoEagles614
His vids are lengthy, but not satisfying to US. I mean isn't that why he takes the video, to help us out? No one wants to watch fake football, we wanna see how we can use them realistically
i agree. i would love to see a vid of a guy playing sim football and showing things about the game. this vids dont really help out much
# 10 BigBlue @ 07/16/10 12:06 PM
Check out the fight for the fumble at the 3:50 mark of the video starting the 3rd quarter. One of the Giants actually turns into an Eagle player during the animation transition at 3:55. Never saw that before. Hope it get cleaned up. Doesn't look to hard to fix.

# 11 TalenT @ 07/16/10 01:29 PM
Yeah, it is a little frustrating when the player plays like this. I guess we just have to take what we can get guys. This is better than no video at all right?
# 12 adub88 @ 07/16/10 01:59 PM
Originally Posted by TalenT
Yeah, it is a little frustrating when the player plays like this. I guess we just have to take what we can get guys. This is better than no video at all right?
I've been saying the same thing. I don't know what it is, the NCAA vids I have seen simply have just looked better. Looking at some of these Madden vids, and it's just not getting me hype.
# 13 iBlievN5 @ 07/16/10 03:22 PM
woo, vick sucks.
# 14 Kushmir @ 07/16/10 03:50 PM
LOL! i think we're being a little hard on him...he's at E3 having fun and testing out stuff. i've actually heard he's pretty good. the must-have-a-mobile-QB thing gets under my skin too. but i'm more annoyed that my birds got shut-out by the giants

i read somewhere that he's a Skins fan. so now it all makes sense, he's clowning around because he doesn't care for either the Giants or Eagles. now as a Birds fan i still feel disrespected

although i'm an average Madden player and he'll probably trounce me...i'm gonna challenge him for GP in Madden 11 and show him my team isn't to be experimented with....you get your stinkin' Skins for that, ya hear?

anybody got his contact info? i'm starting a new blog and a taping of the game would be perfect for my launch....
# 15 adub88 @ 07/16/10 08:53 PM
Anyone knows what game speed all of these vids coming out are playing at? The game just look a tad slower than NCAA '11
# 16 Dog @ 07/16/10 08:56 PM
Originally Posted by GoEagles614
I think I'd smash him

i dont wanna ask dude......
# 17 Dog @ 07/16/10 11:00 PM
Originally Posted by GoEagles614
Ask what? I didn't say I want to smash, I said I'd smash him . . .

ha im just kidding
# 18 nhiverson @ 07/17/10 01:22 AM
I appreciate MadScientist putting up vids but dang he is such a cheeser and is still not that great lmao.
# 19 Mo_Magic @ 07/17/10 02:58 AM
no buy for me.

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