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IGN has posted their NHL Slapshot hands-on preview.

"First off, the controls: bundled with each copy of NHL Slapshot is a hard plastic hockey stick peripheral (the stick's blade is a Nerf-like foam to prevent injuries) that docks a Wii remote and nunchuck within the housing. Players grip the peripheral like a hockey stick: main skater control is still handled via the analog control on the nunchuk, and the key buttons (A button and B trigger on the remote, C and Z buttons on the nunchuk) are fully accessible for specific actions like passing, dropping to the ice for a defensive block, and activating turbo for an extra boost of speed.

But to shoot the puck you actually flick the controller forward, and depending on how much you pulled back on the stick determines the power of the shot. A quick flick will poke the puck forward but a full backswing with a shot forward will offer up a powerful slapshot. And, most importantly, when you shove the controller forward, that activates the body check function you'll knock opponents to the ice if you time the stick shove properly."

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