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Check out the latest NHL 2K11 Developer Insight, featuring controls and WiiMotionPlus.

"Our biggest and most exciting feature for NHL 2K11 is all of the enhancements we made to the Wii MotionPlus controls. When you are carrying the puck, you can now do whatever you want with your stick by holding DOWN on the D-Pad. With DOWN held, you can then swing your Wii Remote left and right for 100% 1-to-1 on ice stickhandling. This is the most responsive and by far the most precise stickhandling you will find in a hockey video game. Move your Wii Remote to the left even slightly, and your skater will do the same with his stick. At any time when deking, you can take a shot by hitting B on your Wii Remote. We put new shooting animations into the game just for this feature to make sure that every angle from every location on the ice was covered, so your shot will look appropriate. We also carefully tuned how much momentum your skater keeps when performing these moves, so you donít necessarily slow to a crawl when deking anymore. You can even accelerate a little bit if you are at a standstill while stickhandling.

This year, with as much 1-to-1 control as we were intending to offer, we felt if you can do something with your stick in real life, you should be able to do it in the game, at least to an extent. If the gameís controls are truly 1-to-1, something needs to happen when you lift your Wii Remote up, right?"

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# 1 jaiman @ 07/28/10 08:30 PM
Great read. I am actually looking more and more forward to this game. I don't really like the part of lifting the puck in the air onto your stick, but am happy that with slider adjustments if will be nonexistent.

Keep that info coming!
# 2 BigH2k6 @ 07/29/10 07:25 AM
I'm happy about the ability to remove the abiltiy to lift the ouck on your stick through slider adjustments. However, I am a little concerbed at the statement that the keopt the next gen core gameplay engine. While the engine did play well on 360 after the patch, there were some glaring issues with the goalies that needed to be fixed. Hopefully, they addressed that.
# 3 Money99 @ 07/30/10 11:37 AM
I liked the part where the game will still shine when using a classic controller. That'll be important to me.
# 4 18 eighty 5 @ 08/06/10 09:10 AM
Thats what has me even considering getting this as a Wii game, Money. The option for a classic controller. If this was only a Wii motion controlled game I wouldn't touch it. Just don't like the Wii that much.

Also, love the sound of the sim focus too. One question though, there will be sliders in this version right?

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