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It doesn't look like we'll see a TNT logo on the on-screen scoreboard. Via Derrick Rose's Facebook page.

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# 1 youvalss @ 08/02/10 04:54 PM
Good. I'm sure 2K can make the presentation GREAT without a network license.

Why is the trash can standing there? Were they talking a lot of trash? LOL and what is Rose wearing there??? Is he a butcher or something? (Butchering LA?)
# 2 infam0us @ 08/02/10 04:54 PM
Not a big deal if its a 2k logo or TNT logo as long as the presentation is done correctly.
# 3 jmb10215 @ 08/02/10 04:56 PM
I like the 1984 bulls court they got in the game
# 4 blingballa333 @ 08/02/10 05:00 PM
You can see the short shorts
# 5 youvalss @ 08/02/10 05:00 PM
Originally Posted by jmb10215
I like the 1984 bulls court they got in the game
Is that it? I thought it looks different... But I thought we're gonna play the 86 Bulls at the Celtics, so no 86 Bulls court...or maybe there are more courts we don't know about?
# 6 youvalss @ 08/02/10 05:01 PM
Originally Posted by blingballa333
You can see the short shorts
But aren't those current Lakers players?
# 7 mvp kobe @ 08/02/10 05:01 PM
lol was just comin to post this you beat me to it
# 8 wrestlinggod1 @ 08/02/10 05:03 PM
Ok it's not a competition sir..
# 9 ybtherockstar @ 08/02/10 05:09 PM
Scoreboard looks good. I also like that bulls court.
# 10 rangerrick012 @ 08/02/10 05:17 PM
FWIW I think that's from the 91 finals Jordan moment - what with the stat overlay saying "Conf finals vs POR" and I think it's showing Worthy's stats.
# 11 wrestlinggod1 @ 08/02/10 05:17 PM
Originally Posted by Jesus
who said it was?

If i said "i knew it" would you be saying the same thing? smh.

Yes, you decided to quote your own post from the original thread for what reason? To say "i knew it".
# 12 reptilexcq @ 08/02/10 05:26 PM
Derrick Rose get the first crack at the game?? Man, someone need to call him up.
# 13 hokupguy @ 08/02/10 05:31 PM
is that the 84 bulls court but at untied center????
# 14 blingballa333 @ 08/02/10 05:33 PM
Originally Posted by youvalss
But aren't those current Lakers players?
Nope. You can see James Worthy on the bottom and you can clearly tell that the white guy upcourt has shorter shorts on.
# 15 Jamin23 @ 08/02/10 05:38 PM
The TNT logos not needed. They are making it look like TNT or an actual broadcast.
# 16 jmb10215 @ 08/02/10 05:40 PM
If that is the 1991 challenge then the court is wrong that logo was used for the first 2 seasons of jordans career i believe the they changed to the bull at center court(without the basketball behind it though) so i believe this is just play now mode.
# 17 KyotoCarl @ 08/02/10 05:46 PM
No problem, I'm excited that it says "Conference finals vs Portland" and then lists stats! That's what I've been waiting for, stats from individual playoff series! Hope it's for both teams and players.

Plus, that 2K scoreboard looks great!
# 18 Spartan901 @ 08/02/10 05:47 PM
Sooooo....why is Rose wearing an apron?
# 19 Toaster @ 08/02/10 05:49 PM
Very nice touch!

Obviously it's a Jordan 91 finals challenge and the nice touch is they are actually showing Worthy's stats from the previous series (WCF against POR) to give you the sense of continuity so we get the feeling that this is really part of the playoffs and not just some random exhibition game.

# 20 KyotoCarl @ 08/02/10 05:52 PM
Originally Posted by hokupguy
is that the 84 bulls court but at untied center????
Actually looks like Chicago Stadium more than United Center, both the court and the shape and design of the arena.

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