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"Q: Will there be boost specific equipment or will we be able to boost authentic equipment this year?

So this year there will be no “Camo” aka “Clown” gear in the game. Everything that is in the game will be real equipment that the pros use,
aside from the Bauer 20th anniversary equipment (go reserve your copies of NHL 11 from GameStop now). Boosts however are still in the game but are tied into your character instead of equipment. You unlock boost slots like you would boosts in that you can either complete the corresponding task or purchase it."

Source - NHL 11 In the Crease Blog

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# 1 JaFFiTh @ 08/03/10 10:57 PM
Ohh they even have the Kinetics Fit.. sweet! I figured it probably wouldn't be in game as it's new.. knowing in the past versions.. the new equipments that haven't been wore till the coming season normally doesn't come up in game. Looking awesome so far! (Hiller will probably need a new koho pads as i think he is using a new one to go with the blocker and glove)
# 2 sraczk2011 @ 08/04/10 12:58 AM
Thank god they got rid of the boost gear. Also gotta love seeing the light on behind Hiller!
# 3 tabulaRasa @ 08/04/10 07:38 AM
Nice they got rid of the lame camo equip.
# 4 kerosene31 @ 08/04/10 09:11 AM
No more silly equipment! Thank you!
# 5 Sherman91587 @ 08/04/10 02:42 PM
Of course a Shark fan goes there haha thats ok tho the choke artist of the century will continue to let you down haha.
But yeah they really need to get the real helmets out ther Hiller doesnt wear the team logo on his mask was pretty sure he wears like a metalic red one or something. I used to think Giggys was awesome but never saw it in the game.
# 6 Matt_350z @ 08/04/10 06:19 PM
I am very psyched that the stupid "camo" designs and whatnot are no longer needed to boost your BAP. I applaud the dev team for paying attention to things like the goalie equipment, and being able to edit colors and whatnot.

Here's to a mask editor for 2012. Until then, I feel I will enjoy 2011 just fine. I can't wait.
# 7 TreyIM2 @ 08/04/10 06:34 PM
When is the demo coming out? Next week, I hope.
# 8 Qb @ 08/05/10 09:17 AM
Originally Posted by TreyIM2
When is the demo coming out? Next week, I hope.
In the latest EA blog, Rammer said demo in mid-August.

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