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2K Sports has just posted another NBA 2K11 Developer Insight. This one focusing on making a smarter game, written by Mike Wang and Jerson Sapida.

"Now let’s talk about AI. Authenticity and Signature Style have always been strong points of 2K basketball. For NBA 2K11, we really wanted to take that to new heights both on the player level, as well as the team level. When I came back to the team last year and saw how much work the guys had done with the player tendencies, in partnership with 82games, I was really impressed. The thing I was most impressed by is how well all of the new tendencies had been integrated into the code. You can really see how each player rating and tendency is translated into how a real basketball player “thinks” out there on the floor. When I first played NBA 2K10, the difference between the superstars and the not-so-superstars immediately came through. But as I took the game to the lab, and really dissected each player and team, it really gave me an appreciation for just how much work had been done in that regard. Kobe loved his dribble pull up, Melo attacked like Melo on the perimeter as well as in the post, and J.R. Smith launched any shot from anywhere and everywhere without hesitation."

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# 1 kpax1º1 @ 08/06/10 06:37 PM
Like the difficulty settings thing, I wonder if this will be applied in online games and separate the casual gamers from sim-style players.
# 2 arsenal123gunners @ 08/06/10 06:41 PM
This sounds sweet, whenever I play 12 minute quarters, I can never get realistic stats, now i can!
# 3 infam0us @ 08/06/10 06:42 PM
Thats some good stuff Mike, thanks for the insight.

Also the Lakers Nuggets screenshot looks pretty good. The lighting.
# 4 KyotoCarl @ 08/06/10 06:46 PM
Really good article. Love the new gamestyle choices. I'll personally primarily play simulation, but fun to have different styles to choose from.

Really looking forward to seeing how smooth offensive plays and defensive rotations play out.
# 5 BlueNGold @ 08/06/10 06:49 PM
This game sounds better and better after every blog.
# 6 spankdatazz22 @ 08/06/10 06:53 PM
Great read
# 7 SageInfinite @ 08/06/10 06:53 PM
Great read. Everything sounds amazing. Hope it plays out the same with the controller in hand.
# 8 elprez98 @ 08/06/10 06:59 PM
Wow. This looks real nice.
# 9 rspencer86 @ 08/06/10 07:02 PM
I don't know how you could not be excited after reading that. I have been begging sports devs to separate casual/standard/simulation settings out of the box for years. Finally it looks like they have implemented that.

The new tendencies sound outstanding. They just need to make sure they work as intended... it seemed like some of the tendencies in 2K10 (fadeaway, for example) didn't really do much.

Sounds like fast breaks were given some attention to, which is good to see.

The stuff that really has me excited is the work put into defense. If they can nail that aspect of the game, it would really launch this series into new heights. It always seems like b-ball games put all of the innovation and effort into offense, and defense is just an afterthought.

Of course, I've learned not to go insane over these hype-type pieces, so I'm going to temper my expectations. But it sounds like their focusing on all the right things so far, which is encouraging.
# 10 nccomicfan @ 08/06/10 07:06 PM
If this works, it's absolutely brilliant work
# 11 Goffs @ 08/06/10 07:08 PM
Casual: This is the setting you want if you like up and down play with lots of dunks and highlight moments. There won’t be a whole lot of stoppages and you’ll see higher scoring across the board. Arcade-style play is probably the best way to describe it.
oh boy i can see those IGN vids now....lol

this was a great read!
# 12 Vaiasucks @ 08/06/10 07:32 PM
I am officially hyped.

If the next blog is titled "Our Online Servers Actually Work This Year (No really,they do)", I will wait outside Gamestop for the next two months.
# 13 kpax1º1 @ 08/06/10 07:36 PM
Originally Posted by Vaiasucks
I am officially hyped.

If the next blog is titled "Our Online Servers Actually Work This Year (No really,they do)", I will wait outside Gamestop for the next two months.
God, If you hear me, make this thing happen.
# 14 Mr_Riddick @ 08/06/10 07:37 PM
Wow, I am really pumped for this game, it looks like 2k really listened this year. I can't wait to see what lies ahead. Oct 5 can't get here fast enough for me. I has a feeling this is going to be a "Classic" from every aspect.
# 15 neptuneniq @ 08/06/10 07:38 PM
great read although melo still looks like crap and i always hated that dunk animation lebron is doing

carry on

# 16 Goffs @ 08/06/10 07:40 PM
those gotta be 2k10 pics...if they added wingspans for the players then Gasol's arms should be longer...kinda short in this pic...

# 17 tcnumba10 @ 08/06/10 07:41 PM
For every player on their respective team, I would like to see a player rating called "Offensive Go-To %"

This rating would give each individual on their team a % of offensive set players the coach will run.

For example, let's say 50% of the time, offensive plays will be called for Dwayne Wade, while the remaining 50% will be allocated to the rest of the 11 Heat players.

This way, the cpu will be forced to utilize their superstars the majority of the time.

That was me back on 06-24-2010, 06:13 PM on what I would love to see in 2K11.

Touches tendency: This was a big one for me. We really wanted players who “dominate” the ball to feel like they controlled the ball on offense much more. Whereas before, the PG typically had the ball a majority of the time in the half-court… when things broke down you’d see the PG take over and shoot more often than we wanted. With the Touches tendency, we can ensure that the stars have the ball in their hands more, and as a result, take those tough shots to bail out their teams when plays break down. It also allowed us to re-work the way we initiate plays, which I’ll expand on shortly.
Sounds kind of similar doesn't it? MIKE WANG read my thoughts and implemented it in 2K11! I've been preaching about this aspect of the game and finally 2K11 will have it! This will truly distinguish the superstars from the role players by the amount of ball domination these superstars regularly have on a game to game basis and also guarantee that the superstars will take the majority of the shots and take over the game like they do in real life! I was like when i read that line, and I couldn't believe Mike Wang had the same idea too.

On a side note, I love this quote too:

Let’s start first and foremost with onball defense AI – preventing the ball handler from penetrating and getting to the hoop. When we first began development on NBA 2K11, revamping the defensive movement model was one of our top priorities - from both user-control and AI standpoint.
I felt that whenever I was the ball handler, I had so many weapons to get pass the defender whenever I wanted by just holding down the turbo button that I felt guilty and only used some of the selected moves when I was losing in order to get back into the game. But now that the CPU will play you for the drive, this will definitely increase the # of midrange shots taken both taken by the user/cpu hopefully and only those who are good enough (star players) will be able to get to the rim.
# 18 kolanji @ 08/06/10 07:42 PM
very good way to start the weekend with some really promising info on the what to expect from visual concepts devs.it was good to know that fans of certain team have all of their teams behaviors right down to the playbook at their disposal. the insight on the defensive side of things was lacking on the info at this point in time............ am hoping that they touch a bit more soon to clarify some curiosity still lingering in my head...but all in all great read and more informal than the previous insight
# 19 Hotobu @ 08/06/10 07:54 PM
This is promising info of course, but 2K Sports has lost all of its equity with me. All insights are for me are things to look at once the game is released to see what 2K thinks it's done.

Two things that I'm curious about:

#1 Will these gametypes (Sim, Casual etc.) be accessible online?

#2 Which one of these gametypes would they consider 2K10 to be?
# 20 youvalss @ 08/06/10 07:58 PM
I'm really happy with what was written there. The game sounds great! 2 months to go...!

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