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2K Sports has just posted another NBA 2K11 Developer Insight. This one focusing on making a smarter game, written by Mike Wang and Jerson Sapida.

"Now let’s talk about AI. Authenticity and Signature Style have always been strong points of 2K basketball. For NBA 2K11, we really wanted to take that to new heights both on the player level, as well as the team level. When I came back to the team last year and saw how much work the guys had done with the player tendencies, in partnership with 82games, I was really impressed. The thing I was most impressed by is how well all of the new tendencies had been integrated into the code. You can really see how each player rating and tendency is translated into how a real basketball player “thinks” out there on the floor. When I first played NBA 2K10, the difference between the superstars and the not-so-superstars immediately came through. But as I took the game to the lab, and really dissected each player and team, it really gave me an appreciation for just how much work had been done in that regard. Kobe loved his dribble pull up, Melo attacked like Melo on the perimeter as well as in the post, and J.R. Smith launched any shot from anywhere and everywhere without hesitation."

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# 61 J_Posse @ 08/07/10 01:11 AM
One thing I'd love to find out is whether three-point shooting 4/5's like Channing Frye, Matt Bonner, Mehmet Okur and Rashard Lewis will spot-up out in the perimeter? And, will the individual spot-up tendencies effect where guys camp on the court?
# 62 TreyIM2 @ 08/07/10 01:32 AM
Originally Posted by 49UNCFan
I'm hoping they nail atmosphere like Live 10 did last year and expand on it.
I dunno bout that. NBA 2K has sounded like crap for years, now. Too many home made sounds going on. Live has had them beat, at least in that area for at least the last 3yrs with last year being unbelievable. The sound goes a long way in making u feel like your "in the game".

Now, as for what was talked about in this blog, me likes. Sounds good. Have issues with the players in those pics, especially Gasol. Doesn't look like his facial profile and his arms look wild short and a bit too much muscularity going on. Guess he wasn't stretching before doing his curls in the gym or sumthin. Ha.

At any rate, I still like what they are talking about here. Eager for more.
# 63 wrestlinggod1 @ 08/07/10 01:33 AM
Anybody else notice that the Heat bench is finally on the right side?
# 64 BlueNGold @ 08/07/10 01:54 AM
Tendency to attack strong: Some players like to bull their way through the defense when attacking the rim, while others shy away from the contact. That should now come through in NBA 2K11
A.K.A. the LeBron James/Vince Carter ratio.
# 65 acidraindrops08 @ 08/07/10 02:04 AM
Amazing blog, thank you 2ksports. Pre-ordering tomorrow, off of to play 2k10 now...
# 66 SimBaller @ 08/07/10 02:52 AM
Originally Posted by wrestlinggod1
Anybody else notice that the Heat bench is finally on the right side?
I was actually wondering when someone would make a comment about benches this year. Every stadium should now have the home/away benches on the appropriate sides. A little detail, but taken care of nonetheless.
# 67 RubenDouglas @ 08/07/10 02:54 AM
quickly read through it. loving what I am hearing. its hard to read and take it all in, so I shall see what changes are there when the game loads up in less than 8 weeks. Im just overloaded with excitement right now.. Thank you 2k! Thank you for what plans to be a great fall of bball
# 68 Muzyk23 @ 08/07/10 05:09 AM
competition is great, isn't it
# 69 Tha_Kid @ 08/07/10 05:16 AM
Looking forward to seeing this all in action. Nice to have an "official" set of sim sliders, though I'm still skeptical about how well running plays will work. I'm thinking 2K won't go the "barebones" route for this year's demo.
# 70 NYCDaFuture @ 08/07/10 05:34 AM
Originally Posted by 23
Forget online play man this is all about AI not online sheesh

The core and SP game is and always should be the #1 priority first

I love how they tuned the FB's to work with hard breakers, ones that run semi hard, and ones that barely run

I tried to do that to nba live 10 last year changing the ratings to make their breaks run like that, but 2k actually programmed the game like this from the jump...

Thats pretty smart

I can't cosign this... Wat u mean forget about online.. I love this insight but if all of this don't apply for online meaning the game style don't apply for rank games then this is useless plain n simple.. For offline I can change my sliders however i want it.. Myself n alot others want these options for online.. Offline is cool if dats wat u like most.. But this needs to b online... If not den it's a waste for me.. Ghost
# 71 Goffs @ 08/07/10 06:44 AM
Originally Posted by SimBaller
I was actually wondering when someone would make a comment about benches this year. Every stadium should now have the home/away benches on the appropriate sides. A little detail, but taken care of nonetheless.
i hate to be that guy but are all the stadiums more accurate looking? Like MSG having 3 dornas instead of a long one?
# 72 brs2305 @ 08/07/10 06:52 AM
I kinda would like to know, if there are aspects of the Game Style Choice that go beyond Sliders. Like above said, it would be kind of dispensable if there are just based on sliders, which you can and the majority of OS Players will change based on their personal Game Style.

However if they do apply to online play, the real proof for their efficiency would be if you actually get rewarded for playing with real basketball strategy. It's definitely possible...one of the best examples is FIFA (the only game I actually can play online and still feels like the real sport), where you will get trashed if you don't play according to the real life sport. In that case this could be groundbreaking for all of the guys voting for sim here...well the ones that would still vote for sim after getting destroyed by a true to life sim player. ;-)
# 73 Jonesy @ 08/07/10 07:01 AM
Originally Posted by Tre74
jesus christ i love those developers. Man crush on both of them from now on lol 2k11 is going to be the goat if all this works out right
the 'man crush' had me lol'ing.

One thing i really hope they fix is the decision process for who doubles when you are trying to double down on a low post player. Say you are playing the Celtics and you want to double KG on the block because he is killing you. You hit the double team button and your team chooses to leave Ray Allen WIDE open to come for the double rather than to leave someone like Rondo or Perkins who couldn't hit a jumper to save their life.

Seriously though it seems they have true hoop fans working on this game which means it is in good hands and I can't wait to get my hands on it. I'm still playing 2k10 to this day and enjoying it (the longest i have played a basketball game since inside drive) so i can only look forward with hope for what these guys have in store of 2k11.
# 74 Jukeman @ 08/07/10 07:55 AM
I hope the best on ball defender will atleast guard the best offensive guy on the opp's team without doing it for the cpu...
# 75 Dalsanto0026 @ 08/07/10 08:22 AM
Great insight. I love the idea of Gamestyles. Hopefully no more playing around with sliders to get sim stats this year.
# 76 jowe @ 08/07/10 08:55 AM
Can't wait to see how the Simulation mode works out.

I just want a slow-mid tempo game, not constant button mashing the turbo button.
Human defence being fun and able to shut down the opposition scorer by doing all the defence basics ie hand in face should cause the cpu to shoot a lower % . Not just shoot the ball through the hand or do a running sideways floating 3pointer with two defenders on him.

If all that fails fluid animations that was in 2k8 and earlier. The previous two incarnations have felt like the players couldn't move in a 360 degree motion which made running plays abit of a chore.
# 77 PuntNL @ 08/07/10 08:59 AM
Yep, great read!

Will we really be able to play a 12 min quarter sim game out-of-the box with realistic stats to go along?

Tired of adjusting sliders in the first month of the game, so really hopin for this!
# 78 greekmen @ 08/07/10 10:30 AM
"On top of giving the AI more tendencies, there were a lot of other improvements made to the AI engine to make it smarter in its attack. End of game logic was a big one as well. There’s nothing worse than having an **** back and forth battle with the AI only to have it make a bone-headed decision in the closing moments to seal its fate. Too many times the AI would dribble out the entire shot clock when needing a quick basket, fire up a long deuce when down by three, or rush in for a forced shot when it could’ve dribbled out the clock for a win. We spent a lot of time cleaning up those types of issues in NBA 2K11."

This is some great effort cleaning up that mess!
# 79 bodymore @ 08/07/10 10:43 AM
Sounds great. I just hope they make sure lead-passing can be defended and that you can also defend in the paint.

Have the defense collapse when the ball is in the paint. I know its a little early for complaining, but please fix the calf sleeves.
# 80 Phreezy P @ 08/07/10 11:41 AM
Originally Posted by bodymore
I know its a little early for complaining, but please fix the calf sleeves.
I agree. We could always use the alkle braces but serioulsy!?

I cant wait for the next insight though!

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