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Jon Robinson has posted a Q&A session with Ben Bishop, Producer of NHL 2K11.

Jon: "So for people who bought the Wii version last year, what's the main differences they can expect when they fire up "NHL 2K11"?"

Ben Bishop: "There are the Wii Motion Plus controls, but it's not just that, I think the controls changed a lot in general. You have a lot more options, and with the Wii Motion Plus control, you have direct one-to-one control over everything from stick lifts to actually lifting the puck up, juggling it, and performing trick shots. And if you're a fan of the game from the 360 or PS3, you can actually play the game using classic controls and play the game the way you're accustomed to. So you have a lot of options to really treat this as a simulation game if you want to. We think there is plenty of room on the Wii to have a good simulation sport, so you can play the game on the Wii as you would on the other consoles.

On the flip side of the coin is our Road to the Cup mode and how we let you bring your Mii characters into the game and let them play through some mini-games that are all hockey based. This is something that is popular on the Wii, and it's a great thing to do when you have some buddies over. It's something you can play through pretty quick and you don't have to be great at the sport of hockey or at the simulation aspect to have a good time with it."

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# 1 18 eighty 5 @ 08/06/10 10:06 PM
Thanks for this. I will be playing 2k11 as a sim with the classic controller. Looking forward to it.
# 2 Money99 @ 08/07/10 06:44 AM
No deep franchise mode? I wonder if the Wii has the power to implement something like that?

And I love how ESPN asked them how they got surpassed by EA.
Bishop knows the reasons ($$$ or lack of it in regards to how much Take-Two gave the team to work with).
But his answers for future games weren't exactly a ringing endorsement for their return to real next-gen consoles.

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