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According to Kotaku, Gran Turismo 5 is not done. Thoughts?

"Gran Turismo, which was first revealed in 2006, was supposed to be out in March 2010. Then it was delayed to "TBA". It is now supposed to be out on November 2. Today is August 9.

The game is not done. "GT5 is getting to where it will be finished shortly," Gran Turismo designer Kazunori Yamauchi tweeted earlier today. Yamauchi seemed upbeat and noted that the development of GT games is always like this that it's like they are nowhere near finished."

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# 1 rspencer86 @ 08/09/10 06:20 AM

If this gets pushed back again, I'm done.
# 2 cdon2k @ 08/09/10 08:03 AM
This is my favorite story in gaming. It's just so funny. A cornerstone title that doesn't get released until the generation is almost over. Gamers should at least be able to expect two titles per system (Forza 2, Forza 3) from the cornerstones (I am looking at you God of War). Instead, Turismo is delayed, delayed, delayed. This is the most hilarious debacle I've seen in quite some time.
# 3 jrp1918 @ 08/09/10 08:39 AM
The good news is that this gives me more time to save up to buy a PS3
# 4 DubTrey1 @ 08/09/10 09:03 AM
They are pushing it back so that they can get the Duke Nukem demo loaded onto the final build.
# 5 The GIGGAS @ 08/09/10 09:05 AM
Originally Posted by DubTrey1
They are pushing it back so that they can get the Duke Nukem demo loaded onto the final build.
ZING! I was coming just to make a DNF joke, and you beat me to it. Well played.
# 6 Randiesel75 @ 08/09/10 10:04 AM
@cdon2k - well said
# 7 TreyIM2 @ 08/09/10 10:43 AM
I say it's all for the best. Polyphony is notorious for insane tender loving care with the GT series. The finished product most likely will be out of this world.
# 8 TracerBullet @ 08/09/10 12:30 PM
I don't think it can even meet the expectations it should have with how long its taken to come out. To be honest, I think I may jusy go have more fun with Shift 2. This is getting ridculous.
# 9 Flawless @ 08/09/10 03:54 PM
I'm guessing this is Kotaku just poking fun at the long dev cycle?
# 10 douggoud @ 08/09/10 05:43 PM
gtplanet hasn't said a thing about it, i wouldnt be suprised if this wasnt real, but whatever, it'll get here when it gets here, thats all there is to it
# 11 King10Sooted @ 08/09/10 07:23 PM
The problem now is that this game has to be perfect. Even the tiniest minor detail wrong and people are going to jump all over and say they had 5 years to make the game and it should be perfect. I am sure I will get the game just because it is Gran Turismo and I love racing games. But I am dissapointed that it has taken this long, and I dont think it will really live up to the expectations people are going to have.
# 12 Perfect Zero @ 08/09/10 10:24 PM
Is this even news? We've known since E3 that it would be out November 2nd. I mean, I guess you get your name out there however you want to, but this is just for cheep points in my book.
# 13 bcruise @ 08/09/10 10:32 PM
Yeah, I don't really see how this is newsworthy. People are just taking a twitter comment from Kaz Yamauchi out of context. Nobody's saying that it's delayed again, only that it's not done yet. I mean if the game was done already, wouldn't they be, you know...releasing it before November?
# 14 Behindshadows @ 08/09/10 11:13 PM
They aren't doing anything special with this game that takes almost 5 years. It's a freak'n racing game. Release it already, like 2 Forza's ago...

Tired of waiting on it!
# 15 Aggies7 @ 08/09/10 11:32 PM
All this waiting I hope they have the full NASCAR roster in there.
# 16 funky_chicken @ 08/09/10 11:58 PM
Originally Posted by Aggies7
All this waiting I hope they have the full NASCAR roster in there.
That would be sweet. Not holding my breath on that one. Maybe they will have the other cars as DLC after release.
# 17 CM Hooe @ 08/10/10 12:23 AM
How can this game possibly make money at this point? The project dev cycle has gone on for WAY too long.
# 18 BatsareBugs @ 08/10/10 05:00 PM
Originally Posted by Flamehead
With the "will they or won't they" interior car debate still raging, I wonder if the delay is to ensure the standard cars have one.

That being said, I agree with the poster who said it's just a twitter comment. But I can't blame anyone for questioning it given the history of delays.
gtplanet already has confirmation that the cockpit view is in all cars. I'm surprised it's still being debated http://www.gtplanet.net/forum/showthread.php?t=128532.
# 19 Section_25 @ 08/21/10 04:09 PM
I can't wait for this game. Should be really awesome !
# 20 VDusen04 @ 08/21/10 09:24 PM
I know how lame of a question this is going to be but as a basketball guy and a latent rally guy, I'm not super up-to-date on this stuff. Question: What about Gran Turismo 5 is taking so long? What are the features this game will have that other racing games have not had? Is it a matter of just having an overabundance of cars and spectacular looking graphics? Is the general consensus that this game will be worth the wait?

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