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If you really need some good Madden NFL 11 tips, I mean who would you turn to? Check out the entertaining article from Bitmob.

"Bitmob: It's frustrating to play as a receiver in Team Play mode and not get the ball when I'm open. How do you let the QB know that you need the ball?

Terrell Owens: (Looks at me like this is a trap) Uh, I don't know. You've got to talk to them before you get on the field. During the game, you've got to huddle up and you communicate your situation then. Or you call a time-out, get yourself a T.O. (points to himself).

Bitmob: I need a first down, what route should I have my go-to receiver run to give me the best chance of making it?

Terrell Owens: That depends. Who's my receiver?

Bitmob: You.

Terrell Owens: (Laughs) Oh, that's easy -- you gotta go deep. In Madden or real life, it doesn't matter, I'll be open!"

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# 1 G-Men_in_Mass @ 08/09/10 07:47 PM
Gotta Love T.O.!!

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