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# 1 Qb @ 08/10/10 10:14 AM
I haven't talked much about NHL Slapshot, although I did get a considerable amount of hands-on time with it. Playing goalie was a lot of fun -- even if my Wii skills are undeniably... wiik (sorry, couldn't resist) -- although I only did so in the shooter/goalie head-to-head mode in which the shooter lines up roughly between the hash marks and fires away. While I didn't win my 1v1 battle with Matt from The Target Demographic, there were more than a few fist pumps after goals & saves.

In fact, my lasting impression of NHL Slapshot is the reactions all of us had when playing. A 2v2 four person game was a mix of yelling, cheering, jumping, high-fiving, and flying elbows (make sure you spread out!). I definitely recommend the game to anyone with a Wii, whether you play with your kids or your friends.
# 2 Qb @ 08/10/10 11:36 AM
Originally Posted by slapdinger69
sounds like fun for quick games, but did you get a chance to look into season mode or whatever other modes it has? I'm hoping they have the controls down pat.
We got the rundown on the available game modes, although I don't think I can talk about the main single-player mode. But it sounded pretty damn cool...

I was impressed with the controls, although I was terrible because I've only played Wii a handful of times. I'm sure a Wii veteran will catch on quickly and the feeling of taking a slapper by, well, taking a slapper is quite rewarding.

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