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"What if Portland drafted Michael Jordan instead of Sam Bowie? It's the question that has been keeping Blazer fans up at night for decades, but "NBA 2K11" is finally going to let you see what life is like with His Airness in the City of Roses. In fact, any NBA fan who ever dreamed of Being Like Mike, or at least having Air Jordan leading their franchise to a title is sure to be intrigued by the game's new MJ: Creating a Legend mode."

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# 1 JayDouble @ 08/11/10 01:34 PM
Time to rebuild the T-Wolves.
# 2 The15thunter @ 08/11/10 01:36 PM
wow, they're going in with this one.

it was a first day purchase already, but damn.
# 3 mvp kobe @ 08/11/10 01:37 PM
this is great after the jordan challence you wont get bored because you have this mode

think the bulls is were am goin drose and jordan !!!!!!!
# 4 arsenal123gunners @ 08/11/10 01:39 PM
This is pretty amazing!! He is going to get bigger and bald head as we progress automatically!!!!!
# 5 Scooby803 @ 08/11/10 01:39 PM

I can't wait for this
# 6 Shakedowncapo @ 08/11/10 01:40 PM
# 7 FamousAtticus @ 08/11/10 01:40 PM
Time to erase those Wizards memories...Jordan going back to the Bulls!!! Rose, Noah, Boozer, Deng and Jordan!
# 8 VDusen04 @ 08/11/10 01:45 PM
Originally Posted by Scooby803

I can't wait for this
I'm quoting the picture just because it looks so cool.

The Jordan "Create-a-Legend" seems so fantastical and anti-sim (MJ with current players?) but somehow, it sounds really, really appealing. The idea of watching Jordan evolve year-by-year sounds awesome. And I'm not really sure if I'll be able to resist throwing him onto the Pistons and watching him go. I think I'm going to be able to let my mind roam free on this one and it's going to be great.

As someone who loved 2K10 for all it was worth, 2K11 is shaping up to be beastly good.
# 9 youvalss @ 08/11/10 01:46 PM
I still think the shorts are a bit too long, but wow, that looks good!
# 10 Goffs @ 08/11/10 01:50 PM
Now that body model looks good! I can't wait to see all the other body types they have!
# 11 DGMikeBarker @ 08/11/10 01:50 PM
Unbelievable!!! Imma start with the Bulls win a couple of rings then, when I'm older, play for the wizards lol. I gotta pace myself for October 5; I want it now.
# 12 infam0us @ 08/11/10 02:02 PM
Asking for too much ace, thats something I could see in a PC mod but that would take like 3-4 months.
# 13 NDIrish98 @ 08/11/10 02:03 PM
The only reason im getting 2k this yr, is because of Jordan.
# 14 bigsmallwood @ 08/11/10 02:05 PM
O.M.G.....there is no competition this year. If NBA 2K11 plays anywhere near as well as I think it is going to........(no comment) LOL!
# 15 The GIGGAS @ 08/11/10 02:06 PM
I love it! 2k11 is a must buy now. Welcome back to the Wizards, MJ. Have fun with John Wall, eh?
# 16 LingeringRegime @ 08/11/10 02:09 PM
I am about to cry.
# 17 deebo2246 @ 08/11/10 02:15 PM
I am gonna love this. 2K really is the Elite NBA game when it comes features. I can only hope they bring the gameplay to that elite level as well. The battle lines have been made and it further demonstrates why exclusivity is not good.
# 18 mvp kobe @ 08/11/10 02:16 PM
Originally Posted by DEFTFUNDAMENTALZ
I am about to cry.

what he said
# 19 ifriedrice @ 08/11/10 02:19 PM
Any high res picture links??
# 20 youvalss @ 08/11/10 02:19 PM
I think we need THIS jersey, knee pad (we can edit it) and no tights (can we edit it?)...


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