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I’m going to talk about post play and what it entails this year. I’ll start off by informing you all that Brady Chen (our Software Engineer who owned post play) myself and the rest of the development team heard all of your requests and suggestions for post play. Your feedback drove a good portion of the design this year. However we also had some firm design goals which had to be incorporated in to the post play design.

We’ve been talking about Hands-On Control™ for months now and we’ll continue to do so because we truly believe that this innovation is a game changer. Countless reviewers, community members, NBA players, entertainers and play testers have been hands-on with NBA ELITE for the last 4 months – they all absolutely love the feel and control. Making it feel great has been top priority. I repeat, making it feel great has been top priority. No more canned sequences (which get repetitive and have limited outcomes). No long, drawn out multi-player scenarios in which players slide into (or out of) position in order for a great looking sequence or moment to happen. We don’t want to create the awesome looking sequences for you through any sort of player manipulation. We want you guys to create the sequences with the tools we give you and the new physics technology which we have incorporated into NBA ELITE. All in all, the control is great and it looks and feels fantastic.

With that in mind, here are some of the details about post play which have people impressed and excited about it:

Intuitive Controls – Basketball is a complex sport but a basketball video game does not need to be. From day 1, we’ve been communicating that the left side of the controller controls your feet, the right side your hands and the face buttons your CPU teammates. We’ve heard beginners say time and time again, “NBA ELITE is so easy to pick up and play”. Simultaneously, we’ve had the hardcore/advanced users say the exact same thing along with (and I paraphrase), “but there’s still a lot of depth (to the feature set)”. Hearing these comments reassured us that we were doing the right things. When in the post with your back to the basket (which you do manually by pressing the back-down/face-up button), you guys can do your typical post moves: up and unders, sky hooks, jump hooks, spins, fake spins, shot fakes, fade-aways, drop steps, pro-hops, runners, shimmy shakes, face ups, face up and goes – the great thing about all of these, is that with a bit of practice you can easily execute them.

Off ball Post Battles – Brady spent considerable time with the actual post battle, ensuring that you guys have the tools needed to battle down low prior to receiving the ball. One of my old coaches used to say, “If you’re not fighting for ground your losing ground”. In other words, offensively you want to be sealing and pushing your man back toward the hoop (a la Shaq). Defensively, you want to be doing the exact opposite. Post defense starts before the low post player gets the ball. Defensively, you can now push your man away from the basket and also deny him the ball. Again, physics and player attributes will help determine who wins the off ball post battle.

Footwork – Footwork is arguably the most important element in terms of being successful on the hardwood. The best players have always had great footwork. Look at MVPer’s, Kobe, Jordan and Nash for example. They make tough shots because they have impeccable footwork. For the purposes of this discussion, think back to low post specialists like Olajuwon, McHale and Adrian Dantley (I’m not sure why he came to mind but it was amazing that at 6’5, he could do the things he could against bigger guys in the post) to name a few. Again, they were successful because they knew the importance of footwork. We’ve also realized this and have given you absolute control of your feet. If you want to perform two foot power moves you can or if you want to do a 1 foot take off/runner, you can. There are benefits to using one over the other and ultimately the control is in your hands to decide, which to use and when.

Hand selection – being ambidextrous is arguably the 2nd most important factor in being a successful basketball player. We realize this and have provided you with the option of finishing a jump hook or lay-up with your left or right (remember…. Hands On Control ™). When back to basket, rolling up left or right to 12 o’clock will perform a left or right handed jump-hook respectively. Skill based shooting extends to jump hooks as well, so make sure that you stop at 12 o’clock. There are advantages to finishing with one hand over the other and we urge you to keep this in mind while you’re playing NBA ELITE 11 and especially when in the paint. This will be the difference between you getting your shot blocked versus getting a shot off.

Player Differentiation – Player ratings will also influence your players’ success in the post. I mentioned earlier that bigger, stronger players will win the off ball battles. Well offensively, big and fast players will be quicker and tougher to defend post moves. The contrast between different players is noticeable and is a great differentiator, when it comes to low post potential to score.

On-Ball Defensive Controls – Last and definitely not least, we have on-ball post defense. Having defensive mechanics to help you defend in the post is a given. Of course you can block, attempt steals, take a charge or call a double team but this year you can also: choose to be more physical and body up the offense; raise both hands up to deter shots and lower the shooters chance at making the basket; or for those of you who are really aggressive, use the defensive hop mechanic in the post (my personal favorite). Defensive hops in the post will re-position you so that you are no longer behind the offense but to his side, where you can then attempt the steal. Balancing post play with a strong defensive offering was a must this year.

When it comes to an offensive attack, we’ve all heard the phrase, “establish an inside game first”. Well, this definitely holds true in NBA ELITE 11. Mastering the low post will get you high percentage shots and that’s pretty important in a game in which the more high percentage shots, the better chance at winning. All of these tools will be crucial to your post player’s success in our highly anticipated single player mode as well (details to come later about this). So in the meantime, I urge you guys to get the demo or better yet, a copy of NBA ELITE 11 when it comes out and spend some time down in the low post. Being able to score in the low post and stop the opposition in the low post will be crucial to your success.

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Member Comments
# 1 myownsun @ 08/12/10 10:42 AM
thanks for the heads up
# 2 myownsun @ 08/12/10 10:44 AM
I dont see it
# 3 BlackCloudDoggy @ 08/12/10 10:54 AM
Looks good. I know a lot of us have been complaining about all we hear is about controls (including myself), but this is really what might make this game shine. Like the array of offensive moves and options of a 1 or 2 footed attempt. Also like the defensive moves as well. Can't wait for the demo!
# 4 Ermolli @ 08/12/10 11:14 AM
Liked the blog. Very good to know they improved the post game and we have so many option in offense and defense.
# 5 Jamin23 @ 08/12/10 11:29 AM
From a graphics standpoint I think the game looks fine.
# 6 NoTiCe_O @ 08/12/10 11:44 AM
Thanks. Post Game, now this is what I like to hear, didn't read yet but going to in like 5mins. I know they did change alot of things tho.
# 7 dvir10 @ 08/12/10 12:00 PM
great blog!!!
i'm really happy that we are in control of which hand we shoot the ball from the post.
and also that we wont be able to take chris paul and backing down dwight howard
# 8 Da-Man @ 08/12/10 12:08 PM
Those screens of the player models look really good.
# 9 richmo @ 08/12/10 12:14 PM
A much needed improvement to Live '10, sounds/looks good.

I wonder, though, will defender's with a lower post defense rating bite/be out of position against a better offensive post player? Will the CPU recognize certain players in the post and when they get it to them, will the best CPU low-post players utilize the best moves? And also, are low-post ratings going to determine who can do what? I'd hate to see someone playing outside of their capabilities.
# 10 NoTiCe_O @ 08/12/10 12:14 PM
This is great, I can basically do any post move I think of Wow. Post game has always been my fav. part of B-Ball games, and its not changeing this year. I am going to master the post, Offense and Defense.

Ahh i can hear the trash talking online already, and it is skill based so its only right to trash talk
# 11 da ThRONe @ 08/12/10 12:20 PM
Good blog ,but without videos its just words. LOL

I would like to see this in action. We waited long enough.
# 12 Jano @ 08/12/10 12:24 PM
Glad to hear the post game got an overhaul, sounds like its going to finally be a good option to throw the ball into the post this year.

The moves and controls for it sound simple but deep at the same time. And I'm really impressed by the off/on ball battles that will take place in the post this year.

I don't think any bball game has properly displayed the physicality of playing in the post like Elite will attempt to do this year. This will definitely give an advantage to teams like the Lakers who have some great post threats.

I can't wait to give this demo a try Sept can't come soon enough..
# 13 BDM313 @ 08/12/10 12:37 PM
The Screenshots Look Good...Lovin What Was Said Reguarding Shooting With Either Hand Ill Be Goin To Work Inside!
# 14 bateman11 @ 08/12/10 12:38 PM
Live 10's post game was terrible, actually it was worse than terrible and no fun at all. This is good to hear and sounds fun.
# 15 sammy g @ 08/12/10 12:44 PM
Great Blog! I can't wait to do damage down low with my post players.
# 16 apManila24 @ 08/12/10 01:18 PM
that does not look like pau gasols hook shot. good graphics tho
# 17 NoTiCe_O @ 08/12/10 01:50 PM
All this gameplay stuff is great, it seems like this game will feel great, I hope next year they go all out with the signature moves including post play and just blow us away, while keeping the feel that everyone seems to be talking about
# 18 RayDog253 @ 08/12/10 01:57 PM
Wow, great blog. I'm already thinking of some of the things you'll be able to do with these controls. Can't wait to try them out when the demo arrives.
# 19 Meast21Forever @ 08/12/10 02:00 PM
why would they post that picture? dwight does not jump that high. that looks ridiculous..
# 20 thesniper321 @ 08/12/10 02:05 PM
Originally Posted by apManila24
that does not look like pau gasols hook shot. good graphics tho
I'm not sure that's a hook shot it looks more like a floater or a tear drop, when you perform a hook you use your other shoulder to protect the ball

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