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# 1 wrestlinggod1 @ 08/13/10 02:15 PM
John Wall dance at 1:22
# 2 Goffs @ 08/13/10 02:18 PM
i need a higher res to d/l!!
# 3 youvalss @ 08/13/10 02:19 PM
Graphics aren't that different from 2K10, in my opinion, I probably need to watch it again to see the player models. Young MJ looks great, Wilkins looks AWESOME! Bad Boys are back!!! Short shorts are too long, in my opinion.
# 4 Penny Hardaway @ 08/13/10 02:19 PM
Good stuff! Already can see players who can create their own shots being able to get separation from the defender...I'm stoked!
# 5 green94 @ 08/13/10 02:21 PM
3 more hours... UGH!!!

More impressions please!
# 6 DaWolf @ 08/13/10 02:21 PM
Overhead passes... urgh
# 7 Canquain @ 08/13/10 02:23 PM
I'm speechless after seeing that Trailer. People where saying there focusing to much on Jordan well as you can see they haven't the graphics look great. They have new blocking animation. I can even see the new mid air collision system with jeff green. Also the John Wall dance is in there. What else can you ask from 2K. I honestly think NBA 2K11 could be the sports game of the year this year. Keep up the good work 2KSports.
# 8 Goffs @ 08/13/10 02:24 PM
I just love that BIG BLOCKS are back in the game!! i missed blocked shots heading to the stands!!

EDIT: no Jordan tongue? that should be out while he was dunking...
# 9 Jano @ 08/13/10 02:26 PM
ANOTHER great 2K trailer they always deliver on these. It looked great and the anims looked on point as always.

The size up dribble looked great and it looks like the CPU may not be stuck to like a magnet this year. If the control is 1 to 1 (or at least extremely close) on both ends of the court this year, we are going to be in for a treat.
# 10 Behindshadows @ 08/13/10 02:26 PM
Definitely doesn't look much better than 2k10...

But MJ and classic players and teams...gets my purchase dollars.

Patrick Ewing..lol...

Nice overall trailer.
# 11 youvalss @ 08/13/10 02:26 PM
The Great Western Forum....when the Bad Boys are running!
# 12 mauro78 @ 08/13/10 02:28 PM
from the video I can't see:
  • no mid calf sleeve
  • too many generic shoes
  • no layered accessories
  • baggy jersey

:-( too bad I thought that 2K11 motto was "authentic"....
# 13 renewill27 @ 08/13/10 02:29 PM
that was a mixture of old and new build.
# 14 Mossfan8480 @ 08/13/10 02:30 PM
Game looks purty. Great trailer. Loved seeing Ewing, Nique, and Jordan in motion.
# 15 SageInfinite @ 08/13/10 02:31 PM
Very very very sick.
# 16 mario_2324 @ 08/13/10 02:32 PM
Quick question.......How are those Jordan moves pulled off? Or was it just for the fancy trailer?
# 17 ybtherockstar @ 08/13/10 02:34 PM
wow. great trailer. can't wait.
# 18 Goffs @ 08/13/10 02:34 PM
Originally Posted by jira2004
Great Great JOB 2k.......The shorts are perfect and the graphics is spot on this is a trailer not even close to the retail version......

Boy some people gripe about anything Geez
eh...youv got some points about the shorts not being short enough...now this guy on the other hand..

Originally Posted by mauro78
from the video I can't see:
  • no mid calf sleeve
  • too many generic shoes
  • no layered accessories
  • baggy jersey

:-( too bad I thought that 2K11 motto was "authentic"....
seriously? the whole time you were watching the clothes and accessories...smh...
# 19 Basketball GURU @ 08/13/10 02:35 PM
great trailer..jordans reverse layups is on point... i tried to look for wingspan cudnt really tell anybody notice it?
# 20 DR Russell @ 08/13/10 02:36 PM
Originally Posted by DaWolf
Overhead passes... urgh
noticed that too!

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