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Slam Online has posted their early look at NBA 2K11.

"I started by playing the first half of a Heat/Lakers game, and I was given the Heat to use. The game felt a little smoother than 2K10, with less robotic movement from the players than in previous basketball games. To be fair, I really didn’t have much opportunity to check out the AI or playcalling, which are the parts of basketball video games that have always bothered me.

What I did for the remainder of my hour with the game was what really impressed me. By now you’ve probably heard that Michael Jordan is on the cover of 2K11. Well, there’s a game within the game called The Jordan Challenge. In this Challenge, there are ten sequences to play — The Flu Game, The Shrug, and plenty more — where you play as Michael Jordan and are tasked with replicating some of Money’s most famous performances.

I played the game called “The Arrival,” also known as MJ’s 63-point Playoff outburst as a rookie against the big bad Boston Celtics. To pass this game, you need to at least equal MJ’s 63 points, as well as shoot 50-percent from the floor."

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# 1 RIZDRAVER @ 08/17/10 02:20 PM
What a horrible review. Anyone of us could have basically written that without even playing the game. The guy didn't mention anything specific or new.
# 2 wrestlinggod1 @ 08/17/10 02:21 PM
Meh, wasn't too much info there.
# 3 RIZDRAVER @ 08/17/10 02:38 PM
Originally Posted by FreshPrince22
my head's gonna explode if i read one more thing about jordan
The only ones annoyed are the obsessed yahoos that eat, breathe and sleep 2K11 on these boards. After the trailer dropped there were so many comments on other sites like "I guess the rumors were true! Jordan is IN the game!!!"

So many casual sport gamers are still unaware that Jordan is even playable.

From a marketing point of view, when dealing with Jordan in a video game, I don't think 2K could possibly 'over do it'. He sells and sells well. Until the 40 year old mothers with the cash know about this game and their child's yearning for it, 2K hasn't done enough, lol.
# 4 DocHolliday @ 08/17/10 02:47 PM
I haven't been this pumped for a B-Ball game in a long time. I really think it is going to be great.

BTW I heard a rumor that if you beat the Jordan Challenge, you can take Jordan as a rookie through the "My Player" mode. Pretty cool if true.
# 5 VDusen04 @ 08/17/10 03:16 PM
Originally Posted by DocHolliday
I haven't been this pumped for a B-Ball game in a long time. I really think it is going to be great.

BTW I heard a rumor that if you beat the Jordan Challenge, you can take Jordan as a rookie through the "My Player" mode. Pretty cool if true.
Pretty much true. One the Jordan Challenge is completed, you can assign rookie MJ to any current ballclub and take him through his career (he'll age over time). This will happen within the current NBA though, not 1986.
# 6 Rocboyz101 @ 08/17/10 03:22 PM
Ugh, more jordan stuff..
Ok review..
# 7 Tha_Kid @ 08/17/10 03:22 PM
there are a bunch of writeups like this out today, we should keep them in one thread.

# 8 Onpoint17 @ 08/17/10 03:23 PM
Wow is that it? Where's the rest of the preview?
# 9 Cr0ss0ver @ 08/17/10 03:59 PM
I can't wait till the Jordan blah blah blah is over. I wanna hear more about the game besides Jordan.
# 10 apManila24 @ 08/17/10 04:24 PM
Im disappointed that he said the gameplay was only a little smoother than 2k10. I wish he talked more about the core gameplay instead of the jordan challenge. Nobody cares that you only scored 18 points with MJ at halftime against the Celtics.
# 11 VDusen04 @ 08/17/10 04:44 PM
In SLAM's defense, it's SLAM, not a game-centric website. It's going to drop general info on the masses. Plus, it seems it was a pretty limited look.
# 12 Kaanyr Vhok @ 08/17/10 06:03 PM
I want someone to tell me that Take Two and Visual Concepts isn't asking everyone to shut up about the gameplay. It all makes for pathetic journalism. I would love for one writer to come out and say.
I'm not a Jordan fan so I stuck to playing the game.
You will not hear that and knowing that makes it all so fake so I care less about the game.
# 13 PantherBeast_OS @ 08/17/10 07:12 PM
I think the write up was decent but didn't give us a whole lot info on the game. Plus I didn't understand why he didn't list the flaws in the game in his write up. But overall it is a decent write up but he could have don't much better. Thanks for posting this Steveo as always.
# 14 youvalss @ 08/17/10 07:15 PM
If anyone from SLAM needs more info, I'm pretty sure any of us who haven't even played the game yet - can help them with that.
# 15 Boge @ 08/17/10 09:32 PM
Great. So they're trying to get us to mimic Jordan's career rather than spending more time on making the game better.

# 16 DGMikeBarker @ 08/17/10 10:12 PM
At least we know what the demo is now. Heat vs. Lakers.
# 17 ifriedrice @ 08/17/10 10:19 PM
Originally Posted by DGMikeBarker
At least we know what the demo is now. Heat vs. Lakers.
Where did I miss this? Please confirm with link.
# 18 Vast @ 08/17/10 10:25 PM
Originally Posted by michaeljordanjr
Stopped reading after this:

Was a 2K employee standing over this guy as he was writing it up? Or is this site a joke. They can't write a complete negative, so save it with "rosters are perfect", when they're supposed to be!

Its not the same Arena, but as long as there was short shorts and the rosters were "perfect" - what does that even mean) then its good enough?

Ya I'll take that car you have for sale, no problem that it has no engine and wheels, at least it has a stereo cause I like music...

Am I way off here?
Yes you are way off.

It's more like this car is completely vintage except i did install a new LED tachometer.

The courts logos and players are authentic. The stadium is not. I will not be pausing and zooming the camera around looking in the stands. I will be playing the game and trying to defeat the challenges.

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