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"...though from the brief demonstration available at Sony's Gamescom preview event it's hard to gauge too much. With control restricted to the Move wand itself, the player's footwork around the court is left to the computer's whim, leaving them free to concentrate on the art of swinging wild and furious."
"Gameplay was purely Move-driven in the Gamescom demo. Matches started by flicking up the Move controller and swinging realistically at the tennis ball. There was no controlled movement around the court, an important consideration in Virtua Tennis games. There was simply swinging.

Serves and volleys were controlled by the angle and direction of the player's swing and, after a few losing rounds to a virtual Roger Federer, I started to grasp the intricacies of angling that swing. After losing handily to digital Federer, I came back in the second set, outlasting my opponent in fast volleys."

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# 1 rangerrick012 @ 08/18/10 12:43 AM
Didn't know they were making VT 4. I didn't like VT2009 at all, after playing TS3 it felt too unrealistic IMO.

Not a PS3 owner, so I guess if it's a-PS3 exclusive and b-motion controlled, not much there to interest me. Graphics do look pretty darn good though.
# 2 Dazraz @ 08/18/10 01:46 AM
I will only be interested if this is a proper tennis simulation & not an arcade affair with oversized balls.
Offline multiplayer tournaments would be a good idea too.
# 3 crandolph @ 08/18/10 06:57 AM
TOP SPIN 4.......TOP SPIN 4.......TOP SPIN 4............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 WHERE ARE YOU?!?!
# 4 eyeknowzz @ 08/18/10 11:29 AM
I doubt we'll see a Top Spin 4. PAM, the developers of the Top Spin series, went out of business last year.

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