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IGN has posted some Gran Turismo 5 course maker details.

"Following months of speculation, Polyphony's Kazunori Yamauch finally unveiled Gran Turismo 5's track editor, known officially as the course maker.

Rather than being a fully featured editor a feature that, Yamauchi confessed, was tinkered with but deemed too complex the course maker allows players to select certain set parameters to create a track. A theme can be selected, with the Belgian High Fens or Toscana two examples, and the individual track sectors are then defined.

Sectors are edited individually, with frequency of curves, sharpness of corners, degree of topography and banking angle are set with a series of sliders."

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# 1 wilson2k11 @ 08/18/10 05:19 PM
Sounds interesting, I hope its not too bare bones like every other type of "create a stadium" feature in games or typical "way point" editors in racing games that amount to nothing, and it would also be cool to upload tracks or download friends tracks. But I hope you can also create a Nascar stadium/track as well, that would be awesome. But I bet its just some lame track with preselected scenery/background and you just as said put the turns where you want them.
# 2 LingeringRegime @ 08/18/10 05:33 PM
After this game, I don't see myself needing to buy any other racing game this generation. I just hope it gets released this generation.
# 3 J-Clutch1 @ 08/19/10 11:46 AM
Is this game still enjoyable without a wheel?
# 4 bluengold34_OS @ 08/19/10 01:57 PM
For the Nascar lovers, I would assume this would help create a "likeness" of certain tracks. I almost wonder if they decided not to include a full track editor, because of the possibility of have a lot of the tracks as DLC.
# 5 bluengold34_OS @ 08/19/10 02:00 PM
Originally Posted by V!n$an!+y
Is this game still enjoyable without a wheel?
The prologue was, so I assume that the full retail version will be also. There are some cheaper wheels out their that will enhance your gaming fun. If cost is an issue, the Logitech Momo is fully functional with this game( not every PS3 game is) and should only run you about $70 to $90 depending on where you buy it from.
# 6 DJ @ 08/19/10 05:40 PM
I tried the racing wheel way back in the day with GT3 and man, that thing was overly-sensitive imo. You'd barely touch the wheel and go off track. I'm sure the technology has improved a lot since 2001 though.

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