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# 1 lgxjames @ 08/18/10 10:21 PM
Good look bruh
# 2 Steven547 @ 08/24/10 01:45 AM
Sooo...WWE Universe basically equals GM Mode from 2008. Sounds like a company once again bringing something back and claiming it to be a "new" feature.
# 3 PantherBeast_OS @ 08/25/10 06:51 PM
Originally Posted by ut_jazz
You can now throw guys through the side of cell now on hell in a cell? wtf
Haha yea I agree. That is corny for THQ to do that. Makes no sense what so ever and it ain't real the way they did that either.
# 4 Jukeman @ 08/27/10 09:08 PM
Yeah it should be good for the "Oh ****" moment, but it shouldnt be the only way to exit the cell...
# 5 jvalverde88 @ 08/27/10 10:21 PM
There have been times IRL where people got out of the cell by breaking a wall, so its not like it hasn't been done before. But yeah I wish they had the big door in the middle.
# 6 J_Posse @ 08/28/10 09:54 PM
People also seem to forget that Day of Reckoning had this exact feature for getting out of the Cell. It unrealistic, but very cool and more interactive.

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