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Destructoid has posted their NBA 2K11 hands-on preview.

"First, lets talk polish. When the developers first went about making NBA 2K11 more polished, they started with the cameras. All the angles now support truer broadcast shots, so now you will never play from an angle that is not true to how viewers watch the games themselves. After working through the cameras, players' faces were redesigned, and special focus was placed upon the small details. If a player has a special tic that he always does, or if he always wears a sock a certain way, that's how the game will represent him.

As for control, a lot of effort has been placed upon redesigning the animation. Whereas before players would be locked into an animation, unable to mix things up, now players can shift and move with a lot more fluidity. Again, the R-stick is used for making shots, and small “cell phone reception” bars will pop up next to a player to indicate their success at performing a shot. It's all stuff we've come to expect from an NBA 2K game, so that's all well and good."

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# 1 Shakedowncapo @ 08/18/10 08:10 PM
Polished. The best word you can hear about a sports game.
# 2 youvalss @ 08/18/10 08:14 PM
Nice, thanks for posting. Seems promising.
# 3 23 @ 08/18/10 08:28 PM
Most definitely nice to hear polish in a sports game
# 4 cavsfan2 @ 08/18/10 10:24 PM
sounds good, but how could they get players socks right but not lebrons headband?
# 5 TheWorldIsYours @ 08/18/10 10:43 PM
Originally Posted by cdiddy71323
I know that getting Michael Jordan is a big deal, but if this is really a "hands on" preview, then they don't need to go into the same Jordan stuff that we have seen in so many articles and even a blog by 2K. Give us more of the actual gameplay stuff
It's their hands on preview, you think they have read every other preview that's on the internet? Of Course their going to be excited about Jordan.
# 6 aloncho11 @ 08/19/10 12:36 AM
Nice read, thanks.
# 7 coolcras7 @ 08/19/10 01:04 AM
2k11 has yet to receive a negative review, all signs point to success.
# 8 Goffs @ 08/19/10 06:13 AM
Originally Posted by RealmK
Well at least one 2k sports title actually receives polish. Shame its the one that features my least favorite sport.
The word polish has been used for the last 2 years Realmk...its lost its meaning at this point lol

i wish i can compile the vids together but im to lazy to look for them...
# 9 DaveDQ @ 08/19/10 06:44 AM
He says let's talk polish and the entire article is in the English language...WTF?

# 10 y0ungl0v @ 08/19/10 07:12 AM
Originally Posted by cavsfan2
sounds good, but how could they get players socks right but not lebrons headband?
and carmelo's headband and you can't wear wrist band with a short sleeve and sock with calf sleeve
# 11 VDusen04 @ 08/20/10 12:35 AM
Anyone else here hoping for a return of the Choose Your Own Adventure Franchise Mode?

# 12 kolanji @ 08/21/10 12:01 AM
all the added substance this year to the game makes u wonder how can a dev team that have less than a year to release the new product have time to do that much work..........props to VC for always bring it am behind u guys %100 love what u guys do
# 13 chackett12 @ 08/23/10 08:32 PM
Originally Posted by JerseySuave4
if they get the socks right they sure as hell better have Lebron's headband correct (as well as other guys like Melo & Rondo) and fix those half calf sleeves (make the sleeves smaller and add socks with a small space between sleeve & sock).
feel u on that
# 14 yungflo @ 08/24/10 01:43 PM
Originally Posted by coolcras7
2k11 has yet to receive a negative review, all signs point to success.
2k8 did. it fell from 2k7's grace.

it was still a great game though

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