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For those that haven't been following the big thread. DaWolf has captured some more NBA 2K11 demo videos, from his trip to GamesCom. You can visit his site, right here.

Here are a few other ones that have been found.

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NBA 2K11 Videos
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# 1 youvalss @ 08/19/10 06:52 PM
Great to have one thread with all the videos in the same post!

I just wish the human player was better and more used to the new controls. And I wish we could see more of the post-up game.
# 2 Goffs @ 08/19/10 06:53 PM
well at least now we know they have new half court shot animations
# 3 dvir10 @ 08/19/10 06:59 PM
i really liked the new sig shots for: d-wade, lebron, nowitzki and bosh, they looked great and very fluid.
the second thing that i liked was the cpu interception on passes.
you must think before you pass the ball,you can't throw stupid passes and hope for the best.
other then that,it's difficult to say how the game will play because the guy or guys that play on the vids are suck.

EDIT: oh and i'm almost forgot, thanks a lot to DaWolf for all of his uploads!!!!!
# 4 wrestlinggod1 @ 08/19/10 07:04 PM
Great new shot for my boy UD in the sixth video. And he shot it from where he gets most of his points IRL, on the baseline. Ahhhhh this is gonna be a great year in basketball gaming.
# 5 gunitradio @ 08/19/10 07:05 PM
you can really tell they worked on the body types this year
# 6 HotSauce2k3 @ 08/19/10 07:09 PM
Whoever is playing as Dallas clearly has never played a game of NBA2k#, or basketball for that matter.
# 7 Rocboyz101 @ 08/19/10 07:09 PM
Thanks for putting them all in one thread.
# 8 wrestlinggod1 @ 08/19/10 07:14 PM
I was wondering, in the pregame video where they have the lineup for Miami as:
PG - Wade
SG - Miller
SF - LeBron
PF - Bosh
C - Joel
will the picture change if I change the lineup?
# 9 Goffs @ 08/19/10 07:14 PM
im finally going to have fun shooting the ball i cant wait!
# 10 lnin0 @ 08/19/10 07:16 PM
Thanks for posting the videos
# 11 DaveDQ @ 08/19/10 07:18 PM
The presentation in this game looks phenomenal.

Thanks for the post.
# 12 bballdude17 @ 08/19/10 07:26 PM
wow a bunch of videos
# 13 HotSauce2k3 @ 08/19/10 07:33 PM
Originally Posted by DaveDQ
The presentation in this game looks phenomenal.

Thanks for the post.
# 14 RubenDouglas @ 08/19/10 07:35 PM
if you dont want your product looking like crap, do something about it.

I can see through the crap though.

3rd vid:
Face up CPU jumper by WADE!
CPU fastbreak interactions. WADE CONTACT!

4th vid:
another wade fall away jumper that gets blocked

5th vid: lebron cpu jumper without hesitation. THAT INCESSANT NEED AND DESIRE to get to the rim no matter what seems corrected thus far.

further down:
Cpu Wade behind the back dribble with ease. and then a lebron 15 foot sideways in the air double clutch runner.

overall, loving the movement, animations, and what the CPU is doing.

on the other end, the user does some stupid passes and is penalized.. FINALLY! In another video, you have the CPU PG going into the paint where its busy and gets penalized with a TO of their own.

you cant take much from this, but im excited.

even on CASUAL or DEFAULT mode, some guys that shouldnt dunk like mario or mike miller, don't. Gotta love the basic layups sometimes.
# 15 Vast @ 08/19/10 07:36 PM
Thanks for the vids.

It's funny. As easy as the settings are, This guy is getting destroyed by Miami. lol.
# 16 NELL86 @ 08/19/10 07:39 PM
Them videos look alot better then the first one alot smoother and the d look better i have to play the demo to get a feel for it though
# 17 RayDog253 @ 08/19/10 07:49 PM
Wow... I'm really liking all the new animations I'm seeing. The passing and the fake passes looked nice. The graphics and overlays really looked top notch. Thumbs up 2k. Can't wait to see this game on my TV.
# 18 balla3745 @ 08/19/10 07:53 PM
nice vids, but the guy who plays as dallas =FAIL

nba2k11 will be beast
# 19 apManila24 @ 08/19/10 07:53 PM
Thanks for the vids!!! The cpu seems very improved. They were destroying some of the human players. Intercepting stupid passes left and right. Most of the jumpshots have improved as well and im glad they brought back the fake pass. One thing i didnt like was most of the points came from the paint. Other than that im very excited about the improvement.
# 20 youvalss @ 08/19/10 07:54 PM
Some dunks remnind me of NBA Starting Five 2005, which is a HUGE plus!

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