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Check out the new NCAA Football 11 blog, which discusses leader board changes.

"Our objective has always been to make our leader boards free of cheaters. It was with this objective in mind that we previously changed the system so it does not award wins or losses if someone quits before the first half is over. However, as of the server maintenance this morning, we've changed how wins and losses are tracked once again. Now, wins and losses are counted regardless of when you (or your opponent) quit the game. If you jump out to an early lead and your opponent quits, you will still receive credit for the victory.

However, to ensure we keep our leader boards as honest as possible, we will be adjusting the skill points awarded to players that get quit on quickly to be lower than a game that reaches the second half. We want to avoid the situation where someone can have two accounts (or a bored friend) and simply jump into games repeatedly, quit out, and rack up wins to advance up the leader board. Hopefully, going forward the leader board will stay honest and wins/losses will be properly awarded to everyone in a ranked game."

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# 1 Slaticus @ 08/25/10 05:22 PM
I am excited that they are still doing fixes for this game and not just letting it waste away.
# 2 don flamenco @ 08/25/10 07:38 PM
Originally Posted by SECElite3
This is good news. Now we just need to see that patch to fix the PA Glitch pronto.
I'm sure this has been covered...but what is the play action glitch? I just found out about the awesome pump fake glitch today.
# 3 bruinkid626 @ 08/25/10 09:57 PM
Originally Posted by SECElite3
the pump fake glitch is the one I am referring to... brain fart
play action, pump fake, pump action, public announcer, PA.. it's all so confusing!!
# 4 BlastX21 @ 08/25/10 10:34 PM
Wow, I'm very impressed. Great job by EA here. Unfortunently, online is still unplayable, but this is a great step in the right direction.
# 5 boritter @ 08/26/10 03:07 AM
The blog made it seem like the next patch would only fix one issue. I hope they address a few other items as well.
# 6 TechnOmaha @ 08/26/10 12:48 PM
Gameplay was slightly better after the major update but now I'm noticing that the opposing team goes over to my sideline and high fives my team after the end of a play.
Also, I'm enjoying all the Husker pics on this site as well as EAsports!
# 7 feednfrenzy @ 08/26/10 02:04 PM
Originally Posted by BlastX21
Wow, I'm very impressed. Great job by EA here. Unfortunently, online is still unplayable, but this is a great step in the right direction.
unranked games are your friend
# 8 VUFTBL1 @ 08/26/10 09:23 PM
I played a game this afternoon (PS3) and the opponent quit in the first half and I didnt receive a win. It was the same as it was before. I thought the blog said the change would go into effect this morning
# 9 MATRIXakaCHAMP @ 08/26/10 09:40 PM
just fix the PA glitch thats all i ask. its kills the game for people that play straight up like i do punting on 4th down, kicking field goals, NOT USING GLITCHES!!! i never run the same play more than about 3 times in a half etc etc they need to make it so that you can upload replays of the plays people do to prove they glitched and once it is confirmed that they did they should get the loss and give you the win and they should also be banned.

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