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MiddleEasy has posted the first EA Sports MMA screenshots from Cowboys Stadium.

"A few days ago, Scott Coker mentioned that Strikeforce visited that gargantuan piece of architecture in Arlington, Texas known as 'Cowboys Stadium'. Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, said he built the old Cowboys Stadium without a roof so that God could see his favorite team play. Apparently, Jerry built the new stadium so that God could play Halo 3 on the world's largest HDTV. We caught up with Randy Chase of EA Sports to see if he could divulge any information on Cowboys Stadium being included in EA Sports MMA. In this interview, we managed to squeeze out every morsel of information including the reason why Genki Sudo and Kazushi Sakuraba were not included in the upcoming game."

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# 1 bkfount @ 08/25/10 11:00 PM
that looks like a massive *** crowd...
# 2 JoeMimic @ 08/26/10 06:23 AM
Very cool to have it in the game, I'd laugh if Strikeforce actually tried to run that venue though.
# 3 sb24 @ 08/26/10 10:22 AM
Originally Posted by TravisG_06
God I hate ignorant UFC fans, stop nut hugging Dana White and his promotion and start APPRECIATING the sport as a whole. Most of you are flavor of the month fans who never started watching MMA until it became "cool".
Where did that come from and what does it have to do with this?
# 4 sportznut02 @ 08/26/10 10:25 AM
That looks pretty sweet, definitely a nice addition to the game. It will be nice to fight in different arenas.
# 5 bkfount @ 08/26/10 11:56 AM
Originally Posted by JoeMimic
Very cool to have it in the game, I'd laugh if Strikeforce actually tried to run that venue though.
I'm not going to hate on Strikeforce, but I just think the stadium is just too huge for US MMA. Cowboys Stadium has a max capacity of 111k, and even the UFC's largest crowd was around 21k.

It'll be quite expensive, and probably a loss financially, as they'd have to buy up tons of tickets to give out for free. I imagine Strikeforce would get plenty of media exposure from it though.
# 6 JoeMimic @ 08/26/10 01:20 PM
I only mentioned Strikeforce because it mentioned them possibly going there. Like said above it would be a financial disaster for them and probably the UFC as well. The only difference being the UFC would at least offset some costs with ppv money.

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