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2K Sports has just posted another NBA 2K11 Developer Insight, going over the controls in the game.

"The number of moves you can pull off in NBA 2K11 is pretty insane. When you get your hands on the game this fall, one of the first things Id recommend to everyone is to navigate to the Main Menu and go to --> Options --> My Controller --> Advanced Controls. Here, weve detailed most of the major things that weve added to the on-court experience. Of course, in typical 2K fashion, weve left some of the moves off the list for you to discover on your own as you play the game. As a game designer, one of the ways Ive always gone about my work is to study real NBA games and translate what I see into game mechanics. For me, if I can pull off everything I see on TV in our game, then Im pretty happy with the controls. And with NBA 2K11, theres very little (if anything) that you cant do on the sticks to replicate your favorite real life moments. I remember being in motion capture with a few of the swingmen we brought in to do some new dribble moves and shots. Walking the guys through what we wanted them to do, on more than one occasion they would say, thats a great move, Im gonna start using that or man, you guys got every move in the book in this game! Coming from NBA-caliber talent, thats a nice acknowledgement to how in-depth some of the moves in our game have become."

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# 1 jeebs9 @ 08/26/10 01:38 PM
# 2 lv2bll @ 08/26/10 01:41 PM
Originally Posted by jeebs9
2k doin their thing today
# 3 omgzgabe @ 08/26/10 01:43 PM
2k11 is going to be something else
# 4 yungflo @ 08/26/10 01:44 PM
I hope they put the full moves into the manual or a disclaimer on the game saying to download the full manual for move pack. Because I remember 2k8 did this exact thing, and the manual book was thin..and reviews bitched about it like there was no end.
# 5 jeebs9 @ 08/26/10 01:45 PM
Originally Posted by lv2bll
2k doin their thing today
They been doing their thing all month!!
# 6 Goffs @ 08/26/10 01:48 PM
whats signature gather? is that only for certain players?
# 7 spankdatazz22 @ 08/26/10 01:50 PM
Wow. Really not much else to say
# 8 sportsfanatic1 @ 08/26/10 01:54 PM
2k definitely has been on a roll man they know how to get the gamer prepared for there release and people always want them to drop information every week like i do but look how everybody is excited to play this game and nba live/elite always telling us whats new with there game and you don't really have that urge to go get it seeing how you know everything thats going to be in it
# 9 SageInfinite @ 08/26/10 01:56 PM
This is just too much for words.
# 10 VDusen04 @ 08/26/10 01:59 PM
The new dunk controls appear snazzy. I'm pumped about choosing when I'm going to hang on a flush attempt.
# 11 greenegt @ 08/26/10 01:59 PM
The new controls are much better. I have not been this hyped for a game in years. Incredible!
# 12 jeebs9 @ 08/26/10 02:00 PM
Originally Posted by Positive Chance
I'm sorry, but is this game gonna be the best ever !? Anyone?

Man...I have to agree...The way its sounding right now. With the MJ deal. And the gameplay...The visuals...We might be talking about the G.o.a.t.
# 13 RIZDRAVER @ 08/26/10 02:06 PM
At this point can anyone in their right mind possibly keep a straight face when hearing "Dunno, it's just 2K10 but with Jordan".
# 14 yungflo @ 08/26/10 02:06 PM
Originally Posted by Goffs
whats signature gather? is that only for certain players?
their move, like rondos fake pass would be different from rose's
# 15 Jano @ 08/26/10 02:08 PM
Best blog ever haha!! Is exactly what I wanted to hear they improved every one of my concerns from last year. The new shot control sounds great and the interruptible moves is something I've been wanting for a while now.

This game is definitely going to be the best bball game this year (and maybe one of the best ever) if everything comes together like they say. I can't wait for the demo to drop to finally get my hands on this one.
# 16 cAbEzIbIrI @ 08/26/10 02:09 PM
Wow i am so pumped for this game....and this has never happend ....not atleast when its a month and a half away......anyone whos gettin the game and play simball which i guess is 90% of this site add me on xbox live because i really think we're bound to get real nba life like experience games if u know what i mean

Xbox gamertag= CaBeZiBiRi
# 17 drewbs @ 08/26/10 02:09 PM
Just read the insight, sounds freaking sick.
# 18 VDusen04 @ 08/26/10 02:10 PM
Originally Posted by XxRocky145xX
It look nice i hope the moves are responsive...But omg Spin-Dunk??? oh noooooo thats was the only part i didnt like
I'm pumped about that move. I will guess it will not be able to be pulled off every time down the court and I know the example I have below is Vince Carter, but this is a play that definitely exists and is pulled off by a multitude of players so I'm pumped to see it so smoothly executed in 2K.

Those just happen to be the first two that come to mind because I'm a huge Vince fan.
# 19 lv2bll @ 08/26/10 02:10 PM
Finnally i can be dwill

# 20 yungflo @ 08/26/10 02:12 PM
Originally Posted by XxRocky145xX
i havent read the insight but i watched the video and everything was pretty cool.... until i saw that spin dunk WHY 2k? the spin dunk was one of the favorite things to abuse on 2k8/2k9 and guys are bringing that back?...jeez

let me read the insight
why may i ask???

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