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Game: Pro Evolution Soccer 2011Reader Score: 7.5/10 - Vote Now
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# 1 jvalverde88 @ 08/27/10 08:46 PM
I've never seen it, so its new to me.

Edit: Its the Gamescom trailer.
# 2 rckabillyRaider @ 08/27/10 08:46 PM
AWESOME. Love the new licenses. We're getting two great footy games this year.
# 3 spit_bubble @ 08/27/10 11:58 PM
Why did they waste time with the extra stuff, the funny hats, etc?

Well... The good is there: easier feints, 360 passing, and new licenses.

The big post-release question: how's the AI?
# 4 TreyIM2 @ 08/28/10 12:47 AM
This game looks better than Fifa from a character model and animations stand point, to me. I wanna mess with the demo a bit.
# 5 steeluk @ 08/28/10 01:55 AM
The best thing about PES is the amount of customisation options available, and it looks like they're going all out this year. Still think FIFA looks better, but PES is getting closer to the game it should be again.
# 6 boritter @ 08/28/10 06:29 AM
The pumpkin hat is redonkulous.
# 7 bigsmallwood @ 08/28/10 06:00 PM
This game looks much better than FIFA in the animations department, but I too am curious bout the AI....must play DEMO
# 8 HiTEqMETHOD @ 08/28/10 11:30 PM
I was impressed by the majority of the video but the pumpkin head, barrel/candy as a football and weird katamari damacy stadium caught me completely off guard. I'm looking forward to this game but seeing that stuff leaves me slightly less excited. I thought Seabass was getting serious, easter island head player and cartoon background that screams "made in japan" don't seem very serious to me? I know I technically don't have to use any of that but still why waste time putting it in at all?
# 9 aloncho11 @ 08/29/10 01:00 PM
Awesome! Really looking forward for this game!
# 10 Texas Ace @ 09/07/10 11:51 AM
I can't wait to play this game. I've played FIFA the last efw years because it has been the superior game, but it still doesn't have the variety and randomness found in PES, especially during its glory days on the PS2. Maybe it won't be as good all around as FIFA is, but it is obvious that it will be vastly improved from past efforts on this generation. I've grown bored of FIFA's repetitive gameplay and minimal goal creating opportunities. I look forward to getting back to that great PES feel.

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