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# 1 Goffs @ 08/29/10 10:12 AM
sweet thanks
# 2 renewill27 @ 08/29/10 10:14 AM
cool was running thur youtube came across it. thought you guys mite like enjoy.
# 3 Checmate101 @ 08/29/10 10:15 AM
its cool..but to many dunks for me.
# 4 myownsun @ 08/29/10 10:20 AM
Great find rene thanks
# 5 renewill27 @ 08/29/10 10:25 AM
I knw you guys seen the patent jordan fade way.lol smooth
# 6 J-H!zZl3 @ 08/29/10 10:26 AM
Originally Posted by Checmate101
its cool..but to many dunks for me.
Yeah there were a few too many dunks in traffic for my liking, but the video looked pretty good for the most much. I did notice that Terry Porter's shooting form was on point though.
# 7 Goffs @ 08/29/10 10:26 AM
i love the commentary...its seemless this year

no hitchiness in the movements at all...how Jordan spins when dribbling its all very silky smooth

new arena sounds to...dunno if its era specific though..
# 8 lakewayking @ 08/29/10 10:28 AM
they got Jordans jumpshot spot on and the fadeaway
# 9 renewill27 @ 08/29/10 10:30 AM
remember guys its on default PRO not sim like we like it.
# 10 wrestlinggod1 @ 08/29/10 10:37 AM
Pretty good. Now I'm just waiting on that Suns-Heat video..
# 11 Checmate101 @ 08/29/10 10:42 AM
Originally Posted by wrestlinggod1
Pretty good. Now I'm just waiting on that Suns-Heat video..

When is that suppose to happen?
# 12 PantherBeast_OS @ 08/29/10 10:42 AM
Very nice. I'm loving the gameplay. Looks very similar to NBA 2k7. I can't wait to get my hands on the game in a matter over a month from now.
# 13 Goffs @ 08/29/10 10:42 AM
nice to see Danny Ainge got signed to the game...i thought he would be one of the many generics from the Blazers bench
# 14 renewill27 @ 08/29/10 10:49 AM
the more i see of the new vids coming out, there starting to calm my fears. I thought the GC demo and these vids were totally different. I can clearly see more footplanting and momentum now in them.
# 15 elprez98 @ 08/29/10 10:54 AM
This game is looking great. I love the defensive activity. Everybody has active hands and feet on defense.
# 16 NDIrish98 @ 08/29/10 10:57 AM
3:37- didn't think Kersey had those kind of ball skills...hmmm.
# 17 aloncho11 @ 08/29/10 10:58 AM
Great fun vid! Love the arena sounds
# 18 bearschicago @ 08/29/10 10:59 AM
Loving all the off-ball contact especially when players are cutting to the rim.
# 19 bearschicago @ 08/29/10 11:01 AM
Originally Posted by aloncho11
Great fun vid! Love the arena sounds
I can tell the offensive arena sounds are team specific but the defense is generic. Which is fine. I didn't even expect team specific arena sounds/chants for the historic teams!
# 20 domidomdomz @ 08/29/10 11:02 AM
Originally Posted by Checmate101
When is that suppose to happen?
Hopefully, the Suns-Heat gameplay vid comes out this coming week.

My thoughts on the video.

- Very smooth like the other GC vids.
- Commentary feels fresh, maybe it's because the vid featured two "new" teams in an NBA 2K game.
- Too much dunks but let's not forget that this was on Default GS and Pro difficulty.
- I like how the Blazers (AI) attack the rim.
- The game is showing the crowd after a made basket (BJ Armstrong 3 and another one which I forgot quickly). That is definitely fresh and nice for the Presentation.
- I just wished the user opted to select some plays (not quick ones) knowing that that Bulls team utilized Triangle Offense (I'm a Triangle O fan).
- I like the post-up battle between Drexler and MJ. Hopefully, the box-out animation doesn't lock you up and make you feel you can't do anything at all.

To sum it all, October 5 needs to come quickly.

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