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Pressurized racing wheel enables full rotational range for left and right turn control. automatic re-centering racing wheel utilizes center indicator, enabling full tactile control while preserving driver on-road focus.


Full range pressure sensors allow real world control over gas and brake pedals. absolute control is necessary to execute the advanced heel-toe racing technique for drifting! apply full throttle for and exiting corner turns!


Light up numerical indicator displays your real-time pressure being applied to the accelerator and brake pedals. Dynamic digital readout incrementally displays pressure readout in every millisecond.


Find out more information at the Eagle3 website.

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# 1 JMD @ 08/31/10 06:48 AM
My only problem with PS3 controllers is that the right stick is at the rear of the controller. I find this very uncomfortable when playing racing games. The 360 controller has the right stick at the front so your thumb is in a more normal position. I see this controller has some type of disc looking thing at the right front, if that can be used to steer, I will buy one for sure.

Right now I use a device that allows me to use a wired 360 controller with my PS3 for all racing games.
# 2 Bubba_Zanetti @ 08/31/10 08:06 AM
Oh please, please let this be a good solid product and not some crappy Mad Catz type of controller. I don't have a wheel for my PS3 and with F1 2010 and GT5 coming out I was anticipating using the stock controller for racing. I have a Logitech MOMO for my PC racing but the second it bites the dust I'm going the G25/G27 route.

According to Amazon, $45 and a September 28th release date.
# 3 Dazraz @ 08/31/10 04:38 PM
Having got fed up buying steering wheel/pedal devices due to the way they break too easily this seems like a possible alternative. Unless like Bubba_Zanetti says it turns out to be a naff gimmick.
# 4 JMD @ 09/02/10 08:44 AM
Gamestop has the controller listed at $44.99, ships on 10/5/2010. I'm in.

Video of controller in action.
# 5 douggoud @ 09/03/10 01:14 AM
i'm good with my g27, but, this thing looks pretty interesting, and inovative, wont but it, but it looks pretty cool
# 6 abcabc @ 09/04/10 11:39 PM
wow u guys are good. i messed around w/ the nfs demo last fall or so and i cant do it w/ a controller. i'm saving for a actual wheel and pedal set w/ gear shifter.

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